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    Difficulty Using Micro Sd Card?

    ehmm stupid question... but you have a MicroSD to MiniSD adapter?
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    Updating Scummvm For Dingux (What To Do With Scummvm File?)

    If it is the real working binary you can just add the .dge extension (if your using Dinguxmb for example), if you are using dmenu you dont even have to add the extension, just edit the config with the right filename.
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    Dingoo Got My Dingoo! ^__^

    i would vote for dingux too, i liked your menu system for your emus on your gp32 :D what to port? i would vote for fnes, fsms and fgb but take a look at the dingux software and decide for your self what is missing ;)
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    Shadow Warrior For Dingux

    hey cool, will try it soon. the game was cool!! Thanks! ... .. . Now where are my game data files :) EDIT: ok here is my report :) my retail version started but the game froze right after entering the first level, after that i tried the 1.2 shareware version, this one worked. The game is...
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    Installing Dingux On A Mac

    i couldnt get the flashing progress working under windows too but under my osx86 PC it worked fine. just use the windows guide and then for the flashing part just use the mac program. a bit annoying under osx is that it often creates those "dotfiles" is it possible to deaktivate that under ntfs...
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    Gpsp On Dinux?

    I dont have my dingoo yet, but i heared that the builtin gba emu isnt that good. So would it be possible to port gpsp over to the dingoo (maybe a combination of the gp2x part, for linux etc, and the psp part, mips dynarec)? If the normal gba emu is good enough than this is sure not needed, maybe...
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    Mame Gp32 2.3 Has Been Released!

    could balcube be integrated? i think its an awesome arcade game but im not sure if the gp32 has the power to emulate it
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    there is a uno game for the GBC, i have that one on my gp2x :)
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    Notice On Gamepark's Site, Needs Translation!

    isnt the xgp kids the same as the gp32 just with a sd-port?
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    Psx4gp2x Public Beta 2 Released.

    my rayman game only works perfect with epsxe (pal) on psx4all it crashes at the ubisoft logo, like on pcsx.... would love to play this game, i hope this one gets fixed...
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    Pykaraoke Ported To Gp2x

    hehe oh... that happens when surfing on forum and forum at the same time ;) anyway thanks for the answers..
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    Pykaraoke Ported To Gp2x

    das hört sich mal verdammt lustig an, kennt jemand ne seite wo man Mid + songtexte (im richtigen format) bekommt, sollte doch eigentlich nicht illegal sein oder?
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    Psx4gp2x Public Beta 2 Released.

    what about a psx4gp2x DEV thread :)
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    Mplayer 1.0 Pre 8 Alpha1 Released

    it uses the same selector as gngeo and just uses also the same background... it has nothing to do with mplayer, but i have the same problem, it doesnt work, just gives me a black screen after selecting any kind of file.
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    Usb To Pcmcia

    ehm there are USB wifi sticks... and SD cards with wifi (ok they dont work yet ;) ) are there usb to pcmcia adapters at all? pcmcia is much faster than usb 1.1... and also needs more power than usb i think.
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    If You Were Going To Design A Super-gp2x

    the gp2x sd slot does support SDIO, there are just no (opensource) linux driver (yet)
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    If You Were Going To Design A Super-gp2x

    öh... sounds awesome, how expensive are those screens? i would do this to my gp2x, but we need a magiceyes driver for this right? what i would add: touchscreen (may become possible ;) ) faster CPU (300mhz or more) wifi
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    Enlightenment For Embedded On The Gp2x

    i would really like to see this a menu replacement :) it just needs to be a bit faster and more configureable
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    Gp2x11 Server 0.3 Released

    is also possible and should work much better. if you use a mouse and keyboard it isnt much portable anymore anyway...
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    Program To Convert Playstation Isos To Bin

    never converted a iso, but img files. i used ultra iso, i think you can convert iso files too.