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    no wifi encryption on WPA2 Enterprise

    ... I just discovered, that it shows the same on my home wifi which is WPA2 PSK. :unsure: ... It seems like I have no encryption at all. ... Please tell me I am wrong! Can anyone reproduce that on any encrypted wifi?
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    no wifi encryption on WPA2 Enterprise

    Just tested again. It's the same with PEAP / MSCHAP v2. @ThrashyMG: How many bits has your encryption ? # sudo iwlist wlan0 encryption
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    no wifi encryption on WPA2 Enterprise

    Hey guys, I recently discovered a problem with the wifi at university. It's secured with WPA2 Enterprise; Tunneled TLS with PAP, username/password. It seems like there is no encryption enabled 'cause the wifi chip cannot use it. # dmesg [16345.885314] wl1251: ERROR PS change taking too...
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    TV Out Cables, new forum sections and partly-broken units (2013-05-24)

    ... and another 2 pages for the Pandora-Book. ;) This project has everything in it's story. Even a volcano. We should make a movie out of this. :D BTW: What's the status of a mini OS for charging? [sent from Pandora; 3G; somewhere on the road]
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    Catching up (2012-11-09)

    Good to hear that you catched up with mails. The ticket system was overdue for a long time. Keep getting closer to the zero-mail-line. ;) Cheers from Aotearoa
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    Soon back in stock - and other news (2012-10-29)

    Great news. ;) Keep going. I wish to help with the tickets, but as I'm currently in overseas I wouldn't be able to help regulary. But I'm quite sure, there will be more than enough people anyway. :) Cheers Another
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    Global Components did it again :)

    Noooooo! I want a shirt. Too bad, I can't be there. :(
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    ... and production still is reliable and moving forward :) (2012-05-11)

    Yeah... seems so. Hope they find this guy. In case of fraud he is probably (I'm not a lawyer) personally liable, which means every car, house, bank account and every peace of paper will be distrained to get 5000 EUR. I got a feeling that he will be arrested in 2 months™ ;)
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    There we go! (2012-02-28)

    Good to hear that GC is doing stuff well. I expected more issues. ;) Merchandise would be *definitely* cool. :) But I guess it's more something like an updated manual as it can be shipped to others customers if they want one.
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    100% success! (2011-12-24)

    What a wonderful christmas present! The video is just great and the background music, too. ;) I want to thank the complete OPT (also the people in the background that are not that present as ED) for making this happen. There's just one point that I am worried about: You really look like a...
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    After a long day, there'll be another one (2011-12-21)

    I am not perfectly sure what you mean with the "were"... ;)
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    After a long day, there'll be another one (2011-12-21)

    Strike! That were the lines we wanted to hear! =)
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    After a long day, there'll be another one (2011-12-21)

    Yeeeah! :) I was really excited when reading the post. And it seems there was just one issue that caused some others. Well, let's hope this appearance do not fool us. So we'll miss January 16th because of CNY? At this time I will probably try to get a bit more sleep --- on a table. ;)
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    A tale of snow, tons of server requests and coordinates (2011-12-16)

    ... No, please not. Any dates when the packages will arrive in Germany so someone can check what actually was damaged? It's exciting to read that the process is going on. I hope so. =)
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    A tale of snow, tons of server requests and coordinates (2011-12-16)

    If... Sounds a bit wobbly, but I hope for the best. :)
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    A tale of snow, tons of server requests and coordinates (2011-12-16)

    :blink: Sunday? Are you serious? They work on Sunday? That's awesome! =) Oh, and a great applause for the story about the man with the weird hat. ;)
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    What a day! (2011-12-14)

    Wait... is it that company in the US I just googled? Why did nobody notice that? And why are there always problems with US companies? It's terrifying this happened to someone of the community. And it's disgusting what BILD made out of it. My condolences to the family and the people who knowed...
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    The grand day is nearing (2011-12-12)

    Great! Sounds like things are going smooth. Hope I get my Pandora before my birthday in March. ;) So CC still have some broken boards?
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    Investments, Production start, preoderings and a wish (2011-10-02)

    Well, that are some real good news. So, I'm currently aiming to receive my pandora on my next birthday. ;) Edit: Oh, and +1 for the free beer idea. :D
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    The plan a bit more detailed (2011-09-27)

    That's amazing! :) But don't make too huge steps until the contracts are signed. PS: And of course congrats to skeezix. ;)