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  1. hdonk

    Release Firefox 38.0.1

    In repo... Anyone in here? Hello.... *Sound of pin dropping*
  2. hdonk

    Release Firefox 34.0.5 now in repo

    I suppose it had to happen :)
  3. hdonk

    Release Firefox 31.0 in repo

    So far, it looks better than 29 in my (very limited testing) Still no audio though. Weird. Also, no NEON in libyuv, as it's for a different arm core than we've got (Boo, hiss Mozilla)
  4. hdonk

    Release Firefox 28.0 in repo

    As you were.
  5. hdonk

    Release Firefox 27.0 in repo

    Please knock yourselves out. A80 FTW
  6. hdonk

    Release Next version of Firefox

    Will probably be 26 (Due for release next week: Unfortunately it may not be ported until the New Year as I'm off on holiday!! :) 8D
  7. hdonk

    Release Firefox 24.0 in repo

    With WebRTC enabled this time. Test and feedback please. It'd be good to find out if this v has changed the extension installation issues.
  8. hdonk

    Release Firefox 23.0.1 in repo

    Test & feedback pls.
  9. hdonk

    Yet another possible SOC

    The dev board for the Exynos Octa core is out soon: Just ordered one. Could be good in a P2. Just don't OC it too much and the fan shouldn't be needed, after all it's ok in the Galaxy S4...
  10. hdonk

    Debs resigns

    Well that sucks - I don't know how the people sending abusive emails to strangers on the 'net can live with themselves. Anyway - thanks for the help from someone who appreciates you efforts.
  11. hdonk

    Release Firefox 22.0 in repo

    I've uploaded a new build of 22.0(-2), this time with gstreamer disabled and webgl enabled. If you want to try webgl, go in to about:config, and set webgl.force-enabled=true. You can test it by going to I might give the gstreamer version another go... at some point...
  12. hdonk

    Release Firefox 21 in repo

    Please test. This  might be my last release for a while - Baby due in July!
  13. hdonk

    Release Firefox 20 in repo

    As usual, please test!
  14. hdonk

    Release Firefox 19.0

    In repo. Please test. This one includes some form of x264 support with the dsp, as long as you are running the version of gst_dsp.pnd which I haven't released yet :) And as long as the DSP fw supports decoding the x264 in the html5 web page. Caveats! :)
  15. hdonk

    GStreamer DSP test

    I've uploaded a PND to the repo, which is a basic test of playing back video on the DSP. The pnd will ask for your password. WARNING: Installing this PND can hose your system, as it changes the kernel & modules. Try it out on an SD...
  16. hdonk

    Release Firefox 18.0

    Please test and feed back!
  17. hdonk

    Release Firefox 17.0.1 in repo

  18. hdonk

    Release Firefox 16.0.2

    It's mine, all mine, Muahahahaha! Actually, it's in repo. Meep-meep.
  19. hdonk

    Release Firefox 15.0.1

    Now in repo. Please test and feedback. Nite all.
  20. hdonk

    Release Firefox 14.0.1 in repo

    Please test and feedback!