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    Used-to-work GP32 BLU will not turn on. What to do?

    can you (or somebody else) try and replace the cpu and see if it works? Too many dead units in the wild with the same symptoms. cpu is available and around 20$ for a piece.
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    Where are the old folk of GP32?

    I was hoping it's just a fuse issue. As the guy who was behind the GP32 devkit (sorry I don't remember his nickname) decided to change the Licence to LGPL and it wasn't working for us, we changed the source code. it was coded in pure C, madcat took time to split the screen renderer from the...
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    Where are the old folk of GP32?

    Hello everyone, I'm the coder/designer of "Numo" for GP32, I'm here because of evil dragon's email. I just wanted to check if any of the gp32 folk, who lurked gp32 irc channel, participated gp32 competitions and share information and joy. I sometimes encounter Mr.Spiv around, and I heard a...
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    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    any news on vAtari 2600 emulator?   Anyway, my retro stuff was in our shed, outside, in cold. Last week I pick my BLU (which I won at the GBAX 2004 compo) and get in the house, then after I switched on, it immediately died, possibly because gp32 was still ice cold. I'm hoping it's just a fuse...
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    Gp32 Turns On But No Os

    Remove the SMC and turn on. If it's ok, smc needs to be reformatted. It's fat12 as far I remember and hard to do without extra tools. Also (remove SMC and) press and hold Left and Right shoulder buttons and turn on the console. Maybe it's already flashed to another firmware, you may see a...
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    Another Openjazz Gp32

    Oh, a thanks message, exactly one year later. Romantic :) Btw, it made me realize that game, I'll check it out now.
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    Fixing A Front Light

    an old post but.. If it only crashes while loading from SMC, try to use a powerful psu (higher Amperage). Well, it's pretty much ok if a gp32 manages 166mhz, but anyway, try not to burn your cpu :)
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    Am I Famous Then?

    come on, it wasn't a public comment, that was a private chat within friends, just to make dunny angry (he always talks about pandora) :) the pandora was great, and I'm overly impressed with it, and keyboard is just fine. And I get very jealous of lucky fella who won a pandora at the game...
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    Am I Famous Then?

    helollo! lol, I was in a hurry, testing the unit, I didn't figure out that I missed a letter :) (we are generating pandoru subculture there, come on!) btw. is donskeeto still here?
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    Gp32 Revival Coding Compo Launched

    hmm, good ol'donskeeto :) going back to gp32? it's too early to get back to gp32 :) we need 10 more years :) I agree with woogal, I started thinking about setting up the toolchain. and now I remembered I still didn't released NUmo editor and BLU+ compatible version... give me 2 more years...
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    Gpfrontier V0.4

    omg! this can make me buy a gp2x :) (still a proud gp32 owner) jojo, Do you think frontier can be ported to gp32 using mr.mirko's libraries? I mean, will ram/cpu be enough for gp32 frontier?
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    Nightshift 2007 Party / Istanbul... It's Over. you can watch it here.
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    My Gp32/gp2x Wip Game Goes "opengraphics"

    it's been ages from last gp32 release. finally!
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    Nightshift 2007 Demo Party

    if donskeeto or rlyeh comes, I'll deal with them privately :P
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    Gp2x Introduction Video

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    Gp2x Introduction Video

    I know I haven't been here for a while... hmm.. Gp2x in Turkey? Fantastic (and I guess very old) news! is NUMO (or any other gp32 game) work on gp2x? It's time to create a new game... damn it's 250$+KDV... I need to wait for a discount first...
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    Mame Gp32 2.0 Released!

    133mhz is well enough for many things if you are a genious I guess... thanks for supporting gp32 ;)
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    @sokuban Sorry, I just take the responsibility of numo.fxe (which is the player and perfectly safe for kids) and not the level packs :) Why did you installed that bad bad porn pack to your handheld? Please delete hotnwet.nmo and that girls will be gone. ok, in fact you are right, I must...
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    oh damn! a porn topic, almost dedicated to Numo! ok guys, I'm moving to *MY* house novadays. hopefully, in Taksim (where I will be living), if I had slightly more free time, I will release Numo Level Editor (which is ready), a BLU+ version of Numo. (but no promises, sorry) if madcat will have...
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    Freeware Scumm Game Availiable

    hahah, drumaster, you are right. But try not to pamper vimacs.. vimacs doing strange and rude things becuse he doesn't want us to do strange rude things here :) After I read vimacs' post, I'll have a sudden relaxing and relief. thanks vimacs, thanks for saving us :) because you are the one...