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    Neo Geo Emulator

    Neo Geo Just found a nice neo geo emulator at file archive (link above and below), Author: Pepone (Caanoo port: ikari) Neo Geo Is there a way to compress the neo geo roms ? i ask because i have over 4 gigs of games and can't really afford all that space on my sd card! paul3100
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    Meritous Has anyone played Meritous yet? Just completed it took me about 7 hours all in but what a great homebrew game, first game iv actually seen to the end in years :-) I guess its a little like zelda (original zelda) loads of bad guys, power-ups and over 3000 rooms to explore with a great...
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    Firmware 1.01 Out

    Hey all firmware 1.01 is out firmware 1.01 anyone tried it yet? paul3100 EDIT: seems im already on 1.01 lol oh well there's the file is anyone needs it anyway... what happened to firmware 1.0 then?
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    Just wanted to know how and where to put my dos games in scummvm? I have scummvm in both my games folder and apps folder and seems to work in both but when i try to add a game it tells me there is no games in that directory so...... What format should my dos games be in? i have some dos games...
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    M.a.m.e Information Post

    hey all caanoo (ers) As mame is the only really good emulator just now (apart from the speccy) thought it would be nice to get as much info on it as possible. Such as version of roms supported 37 and/or 37b Is there a program that can change compatibility of older/newer mame roms to work on...
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    Games Came And Went At

    Hi all I like a sad person check daily/ hourly lol for any new games emulators or whatever on the file archive and was surprised yesterday to see in the games section a few new games added such as. Out zone Snowbros Snowbros 2 Demonds hellfire But checking this morning for...
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    Caanoo Help

    hi all Iv put the speccy and mame emulator and roms onto the root of the the sd card in there folders " GP2XpectrumCaanoo " " mame4all " with the dpg and all files needed to fun and put the configuration settings file on the main root which works fine when i go to explorer on the caanoo but...