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    The Next Temper

    Any idea when the next version will be out? :ph34r:
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    Pandora And 2x Software

    I'ts great that the new successor to the 2X is already looking good on paper, but will it be backwards compatible with the 2X's emus, games and so on? :huh:
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    Ootake For The 2x

    Can ootake be ported to the 2X? There's been no news on it lately. This emulator rivals Magic engine, it's open source, and it's updated often. :o
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    Ootake For The 2x

    I'm glad that OoTake is being looked at right now, as mentioned earlier this emu has full Turbo, Supergrafx, and CD emulation. I hope the port comes out well considering the cpu speed needed for it. :)
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    The Turbo /pc Engine Gets No Love

    As much as I appreciate progress that has been made on all other 8/16 bit emulators, the one emulator that still gets little or no attention is PC engine. It a shame, this system has a great library of CD titles that cannot be fully enjoyed because of the flaws of the current emulators The GP32...
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    Porting Psp Pc-engine Emu.

    We all know that PCE developement has stopped dead in its tracks, So why not port over another emulator for the PSP that works. We have CPS2 emulation from the PSP that was perfected on the 2X recently, and thanks to zodttd were going to have a decent GBA emulator. Couldn't this be repeated with...