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    Getting Into Ds Homebrew.

    I'd like to get myself a good flashcard for the ds, I've already read some pages about the different methods on the market but I'm not quite sure which one is the best for me. I'd like to: - have a good and working way to transfer files from an ibook running mac os x 10.4 - be able to run most...
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    Digger V0.1 Released

    Digger v0.1 released! I'm porting Digger Remastered to the GP2X. The game itself runs perfect (fullspeed at over 300% of the original speed, and that heavily underclocked!) but I haven't finished working on the sound. I'm coding on a frontend that will let you select the available...
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    GP2X Puzzle Game Construction Set

    Hey guys, While playing Tetris Attack, I thought of a rewrite of that game, just to have a good, fast version of it on the gp2x. But I thought why not try something more interesting, and so I thought about a puzzle game engine, mainly for falling-blocks games. The idea is as following, the way...
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    Problem While Linking

    So, I've already read about this error mutliple times, but everyone said, 'just ignore it, the app compiles fine'. Well, the latest thing doesn't happen, the compiler returns an error and quits. The exact message is: /opt/local/gp2x/lib/libmikmod.a(mdriver.o): In function `MD_DropPrivileges'...
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    GP2X Sdl_mixer Is Driving Me Crazy.

    So, I'm really down with my nerves and energy. I've been trying to get this working as I want since three and a half hours, but it just won't. Some background infos, I'm using this libs by the oddbot with the newest sdl_mixer included, so it won't play the sound at double speed. Those include...
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    Poker2x First Release!

    I've finally finished the fourth milestones of my GP2X Poker game! . As you see it's fully themable with custom backgrounds and custom cardsets. It also features an A.I. which randomly generates 7 enemy players with different 'riskyness' and bluffing ability you'll have to beat. The rules...
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    Strange Error Message

    Edit: Problem solved, everything works flawless.
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    Poker2x W.i.p.

    [Edit: Released!] Go to the archive for the download ( if there isn't the HotFix version avaible, remember to download this one later to get rid of the flickering ). Go to the news section for the thread.
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    Eclipse has ported the Fenix game "GhostPix" by Marc Robledo to the GP2X. From the author Marc Robledo: It's a fantastic puzzle game and worth the download. It has also got a nice soundtrack. If you haven't heard about picross yet, go read the game rules at wikipedia. Download it at the...
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    GP2X Developing In Python/pygame

    So, I've got some questions regarding the Python version for the gp2x. Are there any things that are necessary/impossible while writing/porting a python game for the gp2x? I mean, there are a lot of pygame games here: and if the only things that are necessary to be changed...
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    Buying A Gp2x?

    So, I've been reading those forums now for quite a while, and I'm not really sure about I should buy one of those great toys or not. I hope you could answer some of my questions regarding the usabillity of the gp2x. I've read that there is a very good Genesis/Master System/Game Gear Emulator...