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    Main Website And Forums Down

    Hi! I haven't checked the forums in the last couple of days, did it just happen or was it down yesterday?
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    Anyone up for an internet scavenger hunt?

    Hi all I got something for all those that are bored to do. Anyone up for trying to preserve obscure programs? I would like for you guys to try and track down and find a copy of a program that is a somewhat of a parody though completely playable. It was released in ~2006 under the name of...
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    LCD cable problem?

    Recently Ive been having some screen display problems and was wondering if it was the old lcd cables that are causing the trouble. I got my pandora ~March. Near the end of the video the screen becomes all funky green/white though what is weird is that I heard that the old lcd cables cause a...
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    F-zero dilemna

    Recently ive been playing alot of fzero for the snes and started to do the queens league. Took some time to pass the courses but then.... white wonderland 2 appears. Mind you, I've been playing as the pink car so it has some difficulties accelerating but has good traction. The hard part is that...
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    Atari Basic howto?

    Hi! I was wondering if it was possible to use the Atari 800 emulator on the Pandora to start programming programs for the a800, and if so, how?
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    [bluetooth] Possible to use Pandora Speakers? Tonight one of my ear pieces of my usb headphones snapped :\ So I ventured into new territory in hopes of using the pandora's speakers via bluetooth. But atlast, Windows only gives me options to use my laptops speakers as shown in the first...
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    Pandora Photo Shoot

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    extracting zip files ?

    Hi I was wondering if there was a way to extract zip files on the pandora?
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    A question about SD Install

    Hi I think the SD Install will really make the process for updating the OS very convenient, and I have a couple of questions about the updating process. Should I make the Vfat(Windows) partition the whole card? What does one do with the Partition Swap and if convenient how much space...
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    Hello there, I am using the Chromium browser and was hoping if there was someway to do the ctrl+scrlup(Zoom in) or something in linux? I thank thee in advance, ~dramatic Waltz
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    [iphone] Some breaking app news

    Great news :) The skyfire 3.0 was just released on the iphone about ~2 days ago, so now the majority of sites should start to be working now, as the site i frequent works now when it didnt work for v2.1:) What Skyfire does is that it converts flash video into html5, and now with 3.0 does...
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    Seems like everyday i check here if anything new pops up, sort of like gravity, looking if new videos on youtube start appearing.... don't know my que # which also makes me antsy(I think im in batch 2 since I ordered on dec 9 after waiting a virtual year on the fence eheh) Is it like that...