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    Giana's Return Gp32

    A really awesome game... - A BIG thanks to Kojote and all the others who are involved in this project - and many thanks slaanesh for porting this to the GP32 PS I didn't know that Armin Gessert (the coder of 'THE GREAT GIANA SISTERS') has died. Rip in Peace man.
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    Opentyrian Gp32 V1.0

    WOW - One of the best shooter games for the GP32, if not the best. Thanks for this excellent port, slaanesh. :)
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    Got A Gp32, No Usb Cable

    No prob. :) I also thought i'd never get a USB cable for my GP32, till i read this thread: Thanx trooper for the link and thanx Orkie for the...
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    Got A Gp32, No Usb Cable

    If you need a usb-cable for your gp32, order this adapter:
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    Spout Gp32 V1.2

    Good job ! Thanks, slaanesh
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    Mame4All Gp32 V1.0

    Crap ! Is it possible for you, to check each SMC connection (i/o line, via portbits from the S3C2400X) for function per mulimeter ? I can't tell you anything about this GP32, i've ripped the pic out from the net.
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    Mame4All Gp32 V1.0

    Maybe the internal switch in the smc socket is defective. Have you already tried to solder these two connections together ?
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    Mame4All Gp32 V1.0

    Yes, too bad. :( Sounds good, a speed boost for Mame4all is always welcome. ;)
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    Mame4All Gp32 V1.0

    After many tests i finally found the reason for this strange behavior. Every sound setting above 8 khz causes a reboot, or this 'LOADING zzzapX ... zzzapX NOT FOUND' thing (independent of the clock speed setting). Perhaps a BLU+ problem ? i don't know, but this does not occur with MameGP2.x...
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    Mame4All Gp32 V1.0

    Hi slaanesh, after a short test period, i discovered some strange behaviors: Why serveral (or all ?) mclassic games like DONKEY KONG or ZAXXON, do need following ROMs: 'zzzapc, zzzapd, zzzape, zzzapf, zzzapg, zzzaph' (from game-romset '280zzzap') ? When i start these games it appears LOADING...
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    Mame4All Gp32 V1.0

    Hey slaanesh, it's good to see that you still support the GP32, in despite of your entanglements in more up-to-date handheld consoles. Thanks a lot for your effort. I'll have to test it out in the next couple of days... :)
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    Temper For The Gp32

    EDIT: moved to another thread
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    Temper For The Gp32

    That would also interest me...
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    Gp32 Firmware Source

    I've a little bit googled for you, and found this: ( Hope this helps. :)
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    My Review Of F-200 And It's Emulators

    An interpreter, which replaces the exe-files i would say. :)
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    Really nice game ! :) Thank you very much, Thor - every new stuff for the gp32_console is highly appreciated. :lol:
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    Can I Flash The Official European Firmware In A Gp32 Nlu ( No Light Ve

    Can i flash the Official European Firmware in a gp32 NLU ( no light version) ? Sure - there's no reason, in my opinion (or better: AFAIK), why the european version doesn't work in a NLU or any other GP32.
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    Backlight Gone

    Did you already measure the backlit-voltage (~ 18 volt) at testpoint 'T2' (a small round copper pad) ?
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    Mame4all 1.0 For Gp2x (soon)

    Mmmmhhhh, a new M.A.M.E. - port, nice news, Franxis. And "Hammerin' Harry"..... :rolleyes: