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    Ockel black cherry 64gb possibly wearable

    I don't think the kangaroos will work for wearable computing due to heat. I emailed the guys at Ockel and they implied or stated that their black cherry 64gb (no other model comes without windows) might work as part of a wearable computer. Does anyone own an Ockel? If you do, do you think it...
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    Kangaroo Plus w/ Pro Dock

    This seems to be a fairly decent device combo. Obviously, it is not a complete and completely portable console, as it is missing a screen and input devices and it needs to be put on a hard flat surface for cooling. I wonder if I can carry around a tray attached to my shoulders or come up with...
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    U.S. Dollar vs Euro

    I live in the U.S. and am wondering what you guys think will happen in the relatively near future to influence the exchange rate. I'm assuming Brexit will have some effect. I really hope I'm not starting a flame war...
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    Pyra for wearable computing w/ twiddler 3 and vufine +

    I bought a vufine + and twiddler 3, anticipating that I could use it with a pyra. I'm currently using it with a rapberry pi 2 and lifepo4wered pi 3. I've only encountered one serious issue: the resolution is too high to see default text clearly. How compatible can I expect the pyra to be with...