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    Release Fullspeed Amiga Emulation On Pandora!

    wiimote works as a mouse in wii uae - so it should also work with a touchscreen.
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    A Question About The Keypad

    look at these keys ebay-no: 180408991897 cheers.
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    The Last Appstore Thread

    The Pox ?
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    Who's Still Interested In Pandora?

    Error still persistent. I am interested
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    Freecom Mobile Drive 500Gb

    Well I think it depends on the exact 2.5" hard drive model working in the freecom enclosure, there exist some WD Models with RSP (tm) = reduced spin up power feature. (I've had a few 3.5" (not 2.5"!) HDD from freecom and these were all WD, so you could be lucky) However actual 2.5" hard drives...