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  1. Super Roach

    Lolla saw my sperm....

    ..Ghost! And it was glorious! Digitiser test in the note 3 :)
  2. Super Roach

    SuperRoach Interviews Wally at PAX!

    I think you'll like it :) We talk about what a Pandora is, and host the largest OpenPandora meetup in Australia. No Expenses  spared! It was also a lot of fun meeting Wally in person :) Have fun watching it!
  3. Super Roach

    Having default apps in xfce4 (def web browser, def media etc)

    I'm trying to figure out how to have vlc play my media files when I am using the thunar filebrowser to navigate around. Usually I would navigate to a folder of music, try to double click on it and get a "default application picker" to select what should open it. The problem is, I can't select...