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  1. Monkfish

    Need Repairs or Upgrade? Here's What to do (and not to do)!

    Recently been having issues with my (1Ghz) Pandora's screen, its fine when it boots up displays colours normally, when i close the screen for any reason and re-open the screen displays a rainbow of colours in place of the normal colours on screen. Seems to me this is probably an LCD cable...
  2. Monkfish

    {PORT REQUEST} Grail

    Noticed this interesting browser game Grail (source code attached). Was wondering whether a Pandora specific port would be possible.
  3. Monkfish

    Need Repairs or Upgrade? Here's What to do (and not to do)!

    Does this mean i can Send my Pandora away to be fixed if i can find RMA sheet? As others have said theres no functional problem with the nubs but i'm getting paranoid about using them in case the cracking gets worse and it then becomes a problem
  4. Monkfish

    Need Repairs or Upgrade? Here's What to do (and not to do)!

    I noticed that the housing around my analogue nubs has begun to crack, i dont mean the Pandora case itself, just the black area beneath the nubs. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  5. Monkfish

    Release GINGE Update and Ruckage Pack!

    is there any point in downloading the Ruckage pack if i already have these games running on the previous version of GINGE?
  6. Monkfish

    Super Mario Maker

    here's my 2nd level, multiple routes through this one Operation Mushroomcloud = 4D89 - 0000 - 0069 - 41D9
  7. Monkfish

    Super Mario Maker

    tried a couple of your levels Majin, pretty cool and quite tough, followed you as a creator too so i can see what else you build
  8. Monkfish

    Super Mario Maker

    here's the first one i made: Spiney Sprint = 560D - 0000 - 003C - 869D
  9. Monkfish

    Absurdism corner

  10. Monkfish

    Release Dr Destructo 2

    Seems to freeze up at the end of level 2 for me, after i have killed the ship. dialogue says something like "i'm getting out of here before the ship explodes" then nothing and no buttons or key depressions seem to do anything the ship just stays there with no planes above it. i can try digging...
  11. Monkfish

    Is Mario Kart DS the best Mario Kart ever?

    in my opinion Double Dash has been the best so far, they should do Double Dash 2 for the new Nintendo console, or at least release the old version on eShop
  12. Monkfish

    Streets of Rage remake query

    after having tested, for some time, playing several games i can report that it seems to be running at normal speed. Perhaps you need to redownload it or delete the appdata folder or something
  13. Monkfish

    Streets of Rage remake query

    i should play this again to see if i have the same issue, are you on 1Ghz Pandy?
  14. Monkfish

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Castlevania spiritual successor)

    I'd say that these people are still good at developing for the most part and its not necessarily that they "lose it" with age, rather that the software companies they work for perhaps force them in a certain direction and as a result we are left with a game that might not be as good as previous...
  15. Monkfish

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Castlevania spiritual successor)

    Well as far as i'm concerned this could be worth backing, it does interest me. Regarding the Art Style i guess they have to go with a different look to differentiate it from the existing Castlevania series and as people have already said they are just concept sketches and may not represent the...
  16. Monkfish

    Release Jazz Jackrabbit 2

    np i was just curious. if you would like i can probably find the files somewhere on my old HD but if not its no big deal. Great work btw!
  17. Monkfish

    Release Jazz Jackrabbit 2

    Would this work with "Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Christmas Chronicles" too? or just with normal JJ2. i have both and it would be nice to have them both run on Pandy.
  18. Monkfish

    Release (beta) spi.snes 0.6.0

    Dont know if anyone else has experienced this but when running "Super FX" games (Starwing & Vortex) there are sometimes after images which can make things tricky with a fast moving target. The games are still playable for the most part, this is just a minor annoyance. also this would be awesome...
  19. Monkfish

    Release PX68k - Sharp X68000 Emulator

    What roms would people recommend as the best games for this system? it seems there are a ton of good arcade conversions but perhaps there's more unusual stuff too.