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    I Thought More Shipments Of Pandoras Was Going Happen More Often....

    It's been 12 days since any blog post from the OPT...too busy with the iControlpad, and forgot about us pandoraians? Anyway...I guess no news is still bad news. Clyborg
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    Cancel Pandora And Refund Money Or Go Bankrupt And Be A Hermit.

    WTF! I'm sick of seeing excusing for all these delays. If I was Craig or Ed, I would be f-cking jumping up and down on who/m then gave $$$ to help build only 900 devices. I think I'll be dead by the time mine is shipped....or maybe another two months after that! And this is my positive post...
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    Why does OPT even post status when nothing has been shipped for months. The sad thing is about posting status is everyone is in an outrage because the only pandora info is nub status(again?!?!?), board completion (I thought this was done?), new case colors (WTF?), and who is ebaying(Sad? And...
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    P-Uae Users - Status

    Anyone using P-UAE? So far this is the top application I'm looking forward to, so I have some questions: 1. How does it run so far? 2. AGA supported? 3. 68020 supported? 4. HDD and/or whdload supported? One game I'm interested in the most is Mechforce. I tried many amiga emulators on...
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    Quality Control

    With the current WiFi issue, how did this problem slip pass the whole design, build, and testing process? The completed tasks should have caught the wifi issue: 1. Board Design (I'm assuming the...
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    Descent Ob A Beagleboard

    This is cool. Jason
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    Frontier: Elite 2 -- Is It Possible To Port This? I know this can be emulated vis ST or Amiga emulators, but having a direct port might be better. I hope a DEV here can look at this. Thanks!! Jason
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    Pandora Press Hacked?

    Whatever happened to the site, I was about to translate the arabic message using google translate. "Finally blown Kkkkkkkk generally Dedicate Alochtrac our teacher> VoLc4n0 <and all members of spiders with a determination where Saad claimed the second and third, etc. .." I have no freaking...
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    What Will The Case Look Like?

    I'm confused about what the final case will look like. Based on the renderings, the console looks great. Based on the lastest blog posts, I'm not too sure. Will the final case look like this? or this? I'm hoping the final looks like the first image. Thanks. Clyborg
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    Bug Report: All Certified Gp32 Guru Posts Have A Display Bug.

    Any thread that contains a post/reply from a "Certified GP32 Guru", the post is really HUGE. I looks a a few messages, and they look fine. I think the issue is with the LOGO side. Anyway, it take me about 30 seconds to a minute of holding the "Page Down" to view the next reply. Note: All...
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    Pandroa Team Are Innovators

    It seems the new iphone specs match the Pandora, and iD wants to release Doom and Quake for the iphone. Phone specs: Game info: Interesting, Jason