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  1. K Referral

    So Gratis Networks has set up a site called that is giving away your choice of an iPod mini, a 15GB iPod, or a $250 gift certificate to the iTunes Music Store. All you have to do is sign up, click on one of their offers, and then convince five other people to do the same. We...
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    GP32 In EGM!!!

    On page 28 of the September issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly they write about the GP32! Heres what they say: The Outsider: Meet the GP32, the Kewl Kids' Nerdy New Toy Hardly a contender in the handheld wars (for starters, it's available only in Korea), the Game Park GP32 is nevertheless...
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    Cleaning Screen

    I was playing my GP32 one day and it started to rain. A few drops got onto the screen and I rubbed them off with my shirt and went inside. The next time I saw my GP32, it had streaks on the screen!! I don't believe the streaks are scratches because it feels realy smooth, so I have concluded...
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    Rlyeh's emulators

    Does anyone know if Rlyeh is gonna release any of his emulators soon? He has like 6 out there and most I hear are pretty good.
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    English Games

    Can someone make a list of all the english GP32 games?
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    Pinball Dreams

    Is Pinball Dreams worth the cash?
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    Best Commodore 64 games

    I must admit that the Commodore 64 was way before my time and that I know nothing about it. Stating that, Frodo is one of the best emulators on GP32, so I would like to know what the best games on C64 are. If you wanna do top 10 or top 100 it will all be great.
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    GP32 Starting Coding

    I am beginning to code on the GP32 and am wondering what I need to begin coding on GP. I have the SDK. Is there a program I need to begin programming? I downloaded that minigp32 thing and it wont work so Im not going to use that.
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    Full Screen Emulators

    I've noticed that some emulators (GP Engine and SMS32 for example) are not full screen. They have a black box around the game. Is there any way that I can get the emulator to stretch the picture to fill the entire screen? It's kind of a shame to have a hand held system with such a big screen and...
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    Hey Is the free GPDivX anywhere as good as the official MoviePark? I really don't want to pay money to watch movies on my GP32, but yet I still want it to be good quality.
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    Hey. I downloaded the GameBoy emulator GPVGB and all my mono games work but when I try loading the color games, the GP32 reboots. Any help?