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  1. MrMelty

    We need more drama. So here's another video.

    The standard for lid open/close events is ACPI events. You can either watch ACPI (acpi_listen) to see when the lid event is sent, or edit the ACPI handler to do certain actions when an event is received. Of course, this is only valid if the Pandora/Pyra actually uses ACPI.
  2. MrMelty

    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

  3. MrMelty

    Hi, Gene!

    Is it just me, or does something smell burnt?
  4. MrMelty

    Even more to see here (now)

    Wow! Made in Japan?
  5. MrMelty

    What is the dev situation for Pyra?

    I'm guessing it does Special Things.
  6. MrMelty

    Even more to see here (now)

    Did a glow-in-the-dark keymat ever come up in discussions?
  7. MrMelty

    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

  8. MrMelty

    Yay some news!

    Plz no. Current keyboard is perfect. Plz2keep keyboredom to yourself xD
  9. MrMelty

    Not much text here. Just a video.

    Great! When do we March? I've got my Marching Boots on.
  10. MrMelty

    Case Improvements and the keymat

    Aye, I too would like to eye this with me own eye.
  11. MrMelty

    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    I have edited my post to be more vague xD
  12. MrMelty

    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    My first thought was "why does that look like a disfigured certain-symbol?" I have a twisted mind... or maybe it just untwisted a certain twisted symbol? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. MrMelty

    Radio transmission from Pyra
  14. MrMelty

    Radio transmission from Pyra looks like it only works with USB 3 though, hmmm..,.
  15. MrMelty

    Quick update and summary

    Pyrack? Pyrate? :p
  16. MrMelty

    Looking for a Website designer

    I smell a zombie
  17. MrMelty

    Wrapping everything up!

    Which is longer, 2 months + 2 months, or 2 months * 2 months?
  18. MrMelty

    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    But I can't seem to find yours. :oops:
  19. MrMelty

    It's the speed that counts.

    Sorta NSFW
  20. MrMelty

    Any 40 year olds here?

    Thy age doth overfloweth with years xD