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    I'm Squeezing a Raspberry pi3 into a Neogeo Pocket

    Once you desolder the ethernet & USB ports you get a pretty slim Rpi3 and you can add a suitable type of wire to re connect the ports you previously removed and place those ports wherever you need them. If that's not enough for your application, you can even desolder the HDMI, camera and...
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    I'm Squeezing a Raspberry pi3 into a Neogeo Pocket

    So, I'm trying to squeeze a Raspberry pi 3 into a Neogeo Pocket. I know it wont be easy but I'm giving it a try. You can follow my progress or (preferably) collaborate on my Hackaday Page and contribute on my Patreon page as well This one may sound...
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    Many little steps

    I can already see someone making the logo LEDs glow in a sequence that makes it look somewhat like actual flames, you know? like, glowing smoothly from red to yellow, while also changing their intensity. It can be achieved also with blue and green and other cool combinations. The thing is to...
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    "Smach Z is Back!" ...? Did they see a profitable market now that there's more competition?
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    GPD Win (x86 Computer / Palmtop)

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    GPD Win (x86 Computer / Palmtop)

    I saw a video of it earlier, it doesn't show anything too exiting I guess that's for me. the frame rate doesn't seem quite right. let me find it.
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    News from all fronts

    I read the same LOL!
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    A few Colors and Packages (with a poll!)

    I love seeing this great project almost reaching its completion! Warning!: a bunch of pictures ahead. Basically these represent the type of translucent matte I would love to see on the Pyra. Specially a translucent matte black :D ...if there's ever a POLL to decide this, this opcion is a must.
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    THE 64 - Computer and Handheld Console

    They should simply manufacture the empty shells and sell them as a DIY projet kit along with a raspberry pi 3 and a raspberry pi zero for the handheld.
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    What type of licence was used by the Neo900 team?

    Thank you! I will ask in their forum, but... do you think that if I wanted to offer a similar service using amm... for instance, old gameboy micro's empty shells. will it be legal to do so as long as I only help them source the shells?
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    What type of licence was used by the Neo900 team?

    I've been wondering for some time now about the type of license that a company requires in order to up-cycle old and discontinued devices for commercial use. I refer specifically to devices from other companies (obviously) such as gaming companies like Nintendo, Sega, SNK, etc... or a cellphone...
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    login with twitter gone!

    You're the nicest ED! My Twitter account name is @kevin_osuna ...I was wondering... would it be possible to simply merge it with this current e-mail I used to make this profile? it's the same one I use for twitter LOL Any option is fine really, I suppose I can merge this e-mail address manually...
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    login with twitter gone!

    I've been following the OP since it came out and finally decided to join the boards when the rebirth OpenPandora was on the works. and well I use to login through Twitter and now that option is gone together with my profile and my content. What can I do to retrieve my profile? Is it gone for...
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    Welcome to the new OpenPandora / Pyra / GP32X Boards!

    I use to login with Twitter and that option seems to be gone now, what can I do? I had that account since quite a while, I kind of miss it :(