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  1. Wally

    Welcome to the updated site!

    Can we ban this mod already? :P
  2. Wally

    Welcome to the updated site!

    Apparently you do :)
  3. Wally

    Welcome to the updated site!

    Looks nice and fresh :D
  4. Wally

    VR headset?

    I somehow don't think the Pyra will be able to drive our standard VR headsets given they have 2 1920 * 1080 screens (Right now anyway as future CPU boards might be capable.) Just get an external monitor and continue using your PC for VR.
  5. Wally

    Even more to see here (now)

    Your case company is by far better than what we've had so far, thank you sir for helping dreams become a reality!
  6. Wally

    Even more to see here (now)

    It reminds me of a chocolate bar, but you shouldn't eat your Pyra!
  7. Wally

    Osaka, JP - shopping directions for PC peripherals, please?

    I think Bic Camera / Yodobashi will be the places to go, you can get tax exemption if you show your passport. I found Bic Camera / Yodobashi to have some english speaking customer service reps so perhaps it would be worth asking or showing a picture of the item to a representative in the...
  8. Wally

    Loading ROMs from a NAS to an emulator running on a Pandora. Is it possible?

    I'm going the NextCloud route with the Pyra (or Pandora too I guess but the wifi is too unreliable) Will make a ROMS folder that only is copied on devices that need ROMS folder and will sync from there, might be an option for you?
  9. Wally

    Release PSNES

    Yeah my GHZ Pandora boards are borked. I should try and fix them sometime
  10. Wally

    Are you a Linux user or Windows user? Or maybe a macOS user?

    I work in Information Technology technical support and use all 3 OS's as I don't see the point in discriminating as they all serve their own purpose.
  11. Wally

    Release PNES

    appdata/pnes is not generated for me. It was for PSNES though !
  12. Wally

    Gamescom 2019

    As always, love your pictures @TeDaDeS
  13. Wally

    Gamescom 2019

    When's the Pyra keynote coming on? :P
  14. Wally

    Release PSNES

    This emulator is probably the best SNES emulator i've seen on a portable however too slow for a Rebirth to play Super Mario All stars full speed :(
  15. Wally

    Gamescom 2019

    Hoping for a prototype are you? ;)
  16. Wally

    Gemini Cosmo - On Indiegogo

    Pretty sure ED doesn't want to deal with the bureaucracy when Grench complains about the incomplete state of things, he wants him to have a somewhat stable experience without all the hardware nasties. The units you know about are the ones that have had known issues from production, we're...
  17. Wally

    pandora wiki broken?

    Reported to ED. Thanks
  18. Wally

    Issue to update a PND to the repo

    I've asked ED to look into this. Cheers
  19. Wally

    Issue to update a PND to the repo

    ED has fixed it :)
  20. Wally

    Pandora-on-Pyra Emulator?

    They've got a github, i'm sure we can channel them on there :)