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    Even more to see here (now)

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    Repo site tagged as "Dangerous" by chrome

    getting this on THIS site right now :S
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    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    well there's your problem. lol!
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    It's the speed that counts.

    some amazing purples at that link just saying ;)
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    Input/Output from GPS

    rather than accessing a screen for the weather why not a conky script or something and display it on your desktop background? :P
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    Moving along

    Sweet news :D
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    Important color changes

    haha :P
  8. GizmoTheGreen

    Important color changes

    similar in swedish region skåne (south part) here we call potato för Pära :) plural päror
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    That took a while...

    oh wow, the metallic looks nice... time to photoshop ( shoop) a purple one :D
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    Quite a bit for you to read!

    is there a "cheap" larger eMMC that is slower but not bottlenecked by the muxer? haha Jokes aside, I still stand by my initial comment I am fine with this... realistically the user experience is minimally impaired.
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    Quite a bit for you to read!

    wasn't the idea with the internal µSD clost that if the eMMC fails you could switch to that and still have a functioning boot drive that's "permanent", not something that might be removed during use by accident of some sort? (you drop the device the sdcard flies out...) if the muxer is a problem...
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    Quite a bit for you to read!

    I too would not mind either a "slow" board or paying 15eur to get a nice keychain with my Pyra :)
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    If a default choice is set, which desktop environment the Pyra OS should have ?

    the PIXEL desktop thats now used on Raspbian might be worth a look
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    Pyra christmas update :)

    just a question, the USB3 port that is usb2 and sata, it can be wired as actual usb3 later with a cpuboard upgrade?
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    Surprise Attack!

    that won't happen unless it gets a Tegra K1 cpu board upgrade, lol
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    Last known issue fixed

    sounds like a fun idea indeed
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    If a choice is possible in the wizard, which desktop environment(s) the Pyra OS should ship ?

    it's a whole user experience, from the login screen (lightdm?) to the desktop, dock and a set of basic applications, such as a notepad, music player, browser, you get the idea. it's slick and sexy, and imo provides a great desktop UX the people behind elementary os is very heavy on the UI and...
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    If a choice is possible in the wizard, which desktop environment(s) the Pyra OS should ship ?

    I don't think it's compilable on arm yet but the Pantheon desktop used in elementary os would be really slick
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    Parts, Boards and the Rotator

    New 3DS has auto-backlight and it works well. but as long as you have easy access to change it manually yeah, it's fine without really.
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    Tweaking and Finalizing

    makes me think of the raspberry pi 2 reboot bug when exposed to a camera flash xD