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  1. atari_afternoon

    Release PFBA

    Sorry that you feel like this today, petitSeb, but it´s understandable. Like LTStone, I use mine every day, the one with working right nub for gaming and the far more scratchy one for organizing and audiobooks and on trips as powerbank. In gaming in this hot summer I just tend to do the same...
  2. atari_afternoon

    (Update) [DooM] 2018 Cacowards Ceremony

    Hi, I know, and no rush :) will be happy to play and test when the time comes :)
  3. atari_afternoon

    (Update) [DooM] 2018 Cacowards Ceremony

    This sounds good, MagicSam; I would love it :)
  4. atari_afternoon

    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    Yes, it was edited by him "Last edited: Today at 6:39 PM" :)
  5. atari_afternoon

    Release Benri and the Bandits

    The latest version works here:p&|a:. Thank you :)
  6. atari_afternoon

    Magical Broom Extreme

    Default, at the moment :) I had to wait a little, even hit Escape a few times already and suddenly I was in the game menu :)
  7. atari_afternoon

    Magical Broom Extreme

    It runs fine on my CC though. But haven´t played it more than a few minutes at easy so far.
  8. atari_afternoon

    Release Benri and the Bandits

    Didn´t start here either. Can provide pnd run out if needed. Sorry to not have better news at the moment. I appreciate it so much that new software for the Pandora in her 9th year out is still being published and ported and improved.
  9. atari_afternoon

    Magical Broom Extreme

    Thank you, will be happy to try it out this weekend :)
  10. atari_afternoon

    Release Benri and the Bandits

    Hi again, sorry to report I couldn´t get it started...looks like a library is missing. #./Benri: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I do have the latest firmware 1.76 though, as you advise on...
  11. atari_afternoon

    Release Benri and the Bandits

    Thank you :)
  12. atari_afternoon

    What dit you use your Pandora/Pyra today/the last few days

    Doom and this cereals version Chex and RTCW
  13. atari_afternoon

    Flashcards for Gp32?

    The GP32 is very much fun in direct sunlight out in the summer. Look for used cards on ebay - I doubt anyone still manufactures them... and be prepared to order a MMC card READERas well, too; the GP32-USB-cable, if it´s part of your set, is no more supported nowadays; so you may need a card...
  14. atari_afternoon

    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    Been through this just a month ago, was quite a shock but didnt know better than getting an identical one (used even( because a second identical one (Lexar 256( has been working fine for years.
  15. atari_afternoon

    Release RVGL - Re-Volt remake

    Thanks so much for updating this great game :)
  16. atari_afternoon

    Release Maze

    Yes, it´s on the repo :) thank you :) Link is:
  17. atari_afternoon

    Release BloodGDX

    Thanks for this :) tried installing earlier today at noon break, installed java, too, replaced drivers, but could not get it to run, and had to leave. Returned from work tonight, finding your convo about it, I had had the same troubles as @ Magic Sam as it seems; just installed all again and it...
  18. atari_afternoon

    Update Odamex 0.7

    Please play more Odamex, guys :) I play my daily need of Doom online this way every day (preferably the Doom 1 levels with enemies left in, of course) ;) and tonight I was joined by Wunderboyz" (or similar). We played half an hour in cooperative mode and managed the level ;) Just saying, playing...
  19. atari_afternoon

    Update Dave Gnukem

    Thank you so much :) with the new default control it´s so much more natural. Works more perfect now :)
  20. atari_afternoon

    Release Stunt Car Remake

    Especially when you come from the Atari ST version, this port runs so fluid! I thought i was "good" at track 1 - in the new hard level now I terribly fail again :D