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  1. Sebzy

    Pyra Mods

    With Pyra hopefully one a few weeks away I'm already pondering what mods I try first. - 3D Printed case extension and 20000mAh 18650 battery module. - 3D Printed USB docking station allowing access to full size HDMI and Ethernet. - RGB SOS Mode - Integrated IrDA port leaching off the USB - Boot...
  2. Sebzy

    GPDWin and linux

    Recently got my GPDWin x7-Z8700 so decided to get rid of win 10 and install Kali (Debian Jessie Kernel 4.6) Storage : Working just installed using a dd iso to USB stick. Mouse : Working Keyboard : Working EtherNet : Yes via USB cheap Chinese dongle WiFi : Working (needed patching) LCD : Half...
  3. Sebzy

    Mednafen/Beetle PSX HW – Alpha test version

    Will there be enough oomph in the Pyra to run this ? GPU with OpenGL 3.3
  4. Sebzy

    Sharing social media links

    When sharing the page via FB social media only the XenForo CMS logo displays. Can this be changed to an image of the Pyra? See attached image.
  5. Sebzy

    ISEE-IGEPv5 Dev Board and HDMI

    Just getting my IGEPv5 board up and running with the the latest pyra rootfs (Linux pyra 4.4.0-rc4-letux-pyra) and am having problems getting a HDMI out as I don't yet have a mipi screen yet. Any tips/advice much welcomed console log below [ 1.060041] 48020000.serial: ttyO2 at MMIO 0x48020000...
  6. Sebzy

    DevBoard to build kali Linux.

    Out shopping for a OMAP5 DevBoard so I get working on an install of Kali. Any suggestions of European suppliers?  So far this is at the top of my list. Ta