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    Gp32 172mhz, With 3 (three) Smc 128mb.

    Hi, I would like to sell my GP32 for financing myself to buy the GP2X. I haveno idea how much i could ask for my GP32; could you help me? How much do you think is the right evaluation in € for GP32 BLU (overclockable stable to 172Mhz) + three 128MB Smart Media Card with box, CD-ROM and all cables ?
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    Turrican Ii On Castaway

    Do you can play Turrican II on Castway? When my version starts, the screen begins to "flurry"and it becomes grey...
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    List Of Olympic Games

    Observing the Olympic Winter Games in Turin (50Km by my city), I was asking myself how many olympic\athletic videogames may we play on our GP32. Let's list them all. -Mega Drive\Genesis: Olympic Gold - Barcelona 92 Olynpic Summer Game - Atlanta 96 Olympic Winter Game - Lillehammer 94 -Arcade...
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    Stereo Speaker Reverse

    I have a problem; I was playing Outrun whenI found that the left speaker outputs the right sound, and the right speaker outputs the left sound. I'm sure that I've read somewhere there's a "Speaker reverser", isn't it?
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    How Many Megahertz Can You Reach...

    I can reach 176 with DrMD. Let's see the statistics of the effective power of the Korean little beast.
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    Problems Withsnes9xgp By Reesy

    Idon't know why, but when I load Earthbound with the Snes9xgp modified by Reesy, it won't work. If I load it with OpenSnes9x 0.2, then I resetand I reloadit with the Snes9xgp, Earthbound works, sometimes only for a bit, sometimes until I stop it. :o Can you tell me how can I made it works...
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    GP32 Fifa2006

    What is the best soccer game perfectly playable on our GP32? Someone says Fifa97 Gold, someother says Fifa 98 RTWC. Both on Genesis\Megadrive. What if we hack one of these games for refreshing\updating to Fifa 2006? We must change the Rosters and, maybe, the sirts' color. It isn't a...
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    Best Baseball Game For Genesis

    Which is the best baseball game on the DrMD?
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    Another Gp32 Release

    Are we going to see a MameGP 2.0 for the GP32, a last final release?
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    How Many Mah Do The Gp32 Consume ?

    How many mAH do the GP32 consume ? And the GP2X? Do we exactly know it ?
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    Do You Know Any E-book Reader

    Do you know any e-book reader for GP32?
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    Do You Know Any...

    Do you know any AppleII emu ?
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    Official Mascot

    Actually, it's the worst I've seen yet...
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    Opensnes Savestates

    I can't load the Savestates with the Reesy's OSnes9xGP; when I try toload a save-files, appears the message Loading........Error. What do you suggest?
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    How Does It Run Ff6 On Osnes9x?

    Which settings do you choose for playing Final Fantasy 6 on OSnes9x?
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    May I suggest you to add the Autoframeskip option? It would be really useful. :)
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    GP32 Dosbox?

    After the PSP-release, now they succeed to port it to the Dreamcast... link.
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    How Many Mhz Can Your Gp32 Reach?

    Mine can reach 178Mhz. Yours? (let's make a poll!)
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    Mr Spiv's Multifirmware V2

    I've flashed my gp32 with the executable version of MrSpiv's Multifirmware v2. At the first time i've turned on my gp32_console , it started with boot firmware selector v0.3. I've chosen Wind-ups, and I've set it as default. The problem is that I can't return to the Boot Firmware Selector...
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    Why 2 200mhz?

    Hi, can you explain why GamePark Holdings have decided to mount 2 200Mhz processors, and not 1 400Mhz processor?