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    gp32 Battery Cover

    My GP32 battery cover broke at the clip. Does anyone know if there are replacements available or 3d printer files to build one?
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    GP2X GP32 Repositories

    Besides the openhandheld repository, does anyone know of an FTP site or some other repository that would make it very simple to download the entire GP32/GP2X software libraries (publicly available)? I know ED plans on keeping the site up, but there is a lot of software that would be gone forever...
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    Gp32 Launcher

    I am thinking about picking up a used GP32 with a front light (my GP32 is useless unless I'm in a well lit area and the most of the time that I want to use it, there's not enough lighting to see the screen), but it doesn't say if the firmware has been changed. They are including an SMC card, but...
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    Gp2X F100 Power Switch

    Despite the age of my GP2X, I still love using it to play my favorite older games and some of the homebrews as well. But I seem to be having some sort of power problem. I estimate that the GP2X uses about 1.2 watts. I haven't done it in quite a while, but there is a power program that your can...
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    I Still Use My Game Park Machines

    Many thanks to the person who uploaded the new version of Picodrive. I still use my gp32 and my gp2x. One of the thngs that I really, really like about these 2 particular machines is that I am confident that the batteries will always be available. AA batteries are BY FAR the most common...
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    Jxd Gaming Devices Google Play

    What version of Android do the latest JXD handhelds run? Do they come with Google Play?   I bought this Craig Notebook and it would have been really good for my needs if it had Google Play (even after I flashed it, rooted it and installed a supposedly compatable version of Google Play, it still...
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    This Guy Needs Help!   This guy has a large following and has done a very negative review of his Pandora. One problem is physical and he needs to get the shoulder button replaced, but he is also having endless problems getting emulators to work. I would...
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    Member Profile Tab

    I am trying to do a search of the forums and for some reason when I logged in my profile down arrow was pushed and I can't make it go back up and so it is blocking the search box. When I click the down arrow to make it go back up, it brings up my profile. So I deleted my cookies and logged out...
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    Wtb Video Cable For Gp2X

    I am wanting to buy a composite video/audio(Yellow, Red, White) cable for the GP2X, I am not sure this was ever made, but if not a S-video would be OK, though my preference is for composite. You can email me at my gp32x user name at I am in the states (PA)and wish to spend < $20 USD.
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    How To Get Rid Of Open2X

    I installed open2x on my GP2X F-100 a couple years ago and I want to go back to the old firmware as a lot of stuff doesn't run on the new firmware and I don't really see any benefits. How does one go about uninstalling open2x and restore the original firmware on the machine? Any help would be...
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    Pandora Pricing And Battery

    I was checking out the openpandora site and from what I have read they are ready to mass produce and ship, is this true? It's not entirely clear if the Pandora comes with the battery because on ordering page battery pack is an optional item, is that just for an extra battery? What happened...
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    New Ports?

    Why has there been such a drop-off of ports to the gp2x? Almost no games push the hardware anywhere near it's limits and I have seen lots of 2-d games for the wiz and caanoo that the GP2X should be able to handle. Is it simply lack of interest? Neither the wiz or Caanoo are much better than the...
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    Pandora Battery And Dosbox

    I love my gp32 and my gp2x and one of the reasons why I can still use them on the go is because they both use standard AA batteries, so I can always count on the availability of AA batteries and that was one of the major reasons I didn't get a wiz. I am now seriously considering a Pandora to add...
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    Put The Gp2X Back On The Front Page

    It seems to me that the Dingoo should be kicked off the front page and not the gp2x! The website is supposed to be for gamepark systems, so why does the gp2x have to take a back seat to the Dingoo?
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    Gp2X Tv Out Cable

    Hi, Does anyone have any gp2x video out cables (f100)? Are there any online stores with any in stock. If not, do you know where I can get one? One other thing...Was there a version of the cable that isn't svideo (is there a composite version)? Also, I am running open2x and if I understand...
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    Pce/ibmpc - Ibm Pc Emulator Gp2X Port

    I run this emulator to play game on my pc and it seems to be faster than dosbox. It emulates a 5150 with vga graphics and at least speaker sound. Would this be a better candidate for the gp2x/gp2x wiz and the caanoo? It runs keen 4 better on my laptop which has a AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-58(1.90GHz)...
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    Why Won't This Play And Is There A Way To Play It?

    Every time I try to watch a video on this thing there is a problem. either the file won't play at all, it locks up, the batteries get real hot etc. etc. etc. Here is the latest file I am trying to play (info is from VLC codec details) stream 0 CODEC:XVID Language: Type : Video...
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    Dimensions Of The Pandora And Screen

    Does anyone know the dimensions of the pandora in inches and ounces? What about the screen? The only thing I find is 4.3" wide screen , but I don't know what that means. Can someone post how high (inches) and how wide (again, inches) Also, the dimensions of the keys would be nice. I am...
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    Playstation Emulator

    I seem to recall a few months ago talk of a psx emulator for Cannoo that was using the 3d hardware and achieving a very high level of compatibility and speed. I believe it was being worked on in a contest, but I could be mistaken. Does anyone know what the status of this emulator is? Chri
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    Zombie Sorbet Open Gp2X

    I can't get Zombie Sorbet to run, is anyone else having a problem running this game on open gp2x? Chris