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    Deleting One Of Two Xp Installations

    hows it goin? i currently have two installations of xp on my comp, but i want to delete one of them.the reason i have 2 is beacuase when i was gonna reformat my c: drive and re-install xp, but i sumhow managed to install it to another harddrive, f:. now when i turn on my computer, i always...
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    Stepmania Keyboard Players

    hey, here is a video of me, playing stepmania on my computer. i had to put my camera on a chair ontop of a table to get a good veiw, even tho its just the screen lol. i was playing Zero one and the simfile was made by dokurorider. i got a double a too :) lol. any way this is my first video i...
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    Stepmania On Gp2x??

    i searched for 'stepmania gp2x' and came up with nothing, so i thought i satrt a topic. would stepmania be possible on gp2x?? ther is a linux port and the source is only 3mb, but installed would be alot more than that, + song files.
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    One Step Closer To Homebrew On Psp V2.0 :d

    got this from psp emu news:
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    Ps2 Beats Of Rage

    hi, when ever i try to play Dragons of rage mod on my ps2, it keeps comming up with erros saying not enough memory. i can play original bor with no probs, but it always crashes ith dor. it doesnt keep crashin in the same place tho, i got all the way to selecting a character, but when t tried to...
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    W00t!! I'm Getting My New Phone!! yep, thats my new pone. just in case some of you might ask, i DO know that there is a new 1, A1000, but thats like twice the price, and i only work about 10 hours a week at $10/hour and i'm too impatiant to wait another 2 weeks :P . i...
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    Chipped White Japanese Saturn

    hi, i'm thinkin of gettin a new mobile ( ericsson p900, or motorola a920/a925) and need money!! i'm offerin my white jap saturn, which is chipped and my black pal saturn, v2(i think, it has round buttons, see pix) and also my magnavox odyssy2 the whitge saturn needs to be cleaned up a...
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    Vsun Out In Less Than 6 Hours

    hey ya'll vsun, a snes emulator for n-gage, 6600 ect is going to be released in less than 6 hours!! ^_^ ^_^ although i doubt it will be better than osnes9x its still snes on n-gage( i'm excited coz my gp32 is not always with me :( ) heres wot vnes said and heres the thread...
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    Saturn Help

    hey, i jst burned sum saturn iso's and tried to play them, but my jap saturn doesnt boot up!! it powers on with the green led, but the is no sound(comming from the system, wizzing ect.) and the disk doent spin!! i booted my pal saturn and it booted up mmx3 pal original normally. but heres the...
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    Naomi 2 am i the only person that has never heard of this????
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    More N-gage Help!

    please help. im in australia and when i went to optus zoo, i got sum games sent to my phone. they sent me a message and i connnetct to gprs or what ever it is called and it ask me if i want to download game and i pressed yes. now my problem is the download doesnt work. :( its really annoying...
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    N-gage Question

    hi does any1 know if its possible to use n-gage games as mmc's? coz i havnt got 1 yeat and i would like to play sum frozen bubble at school, but im not suer if i try it that it will wreck the game. :unsure: any help appritiated.
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    Best Dance Dance Revolution Sim?

    hi all, what is the best ddr sim for the computer? im using Dance with intencity atm, but wondering are there any better 1s? and also can any1 give me sum links to sum dwi files?(not with mp3s of course) or isnt this allowed? if it isn't discard this :)
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    Wft?! My Hardrive Is Corrupt!

    hi i was trying to burn a file to a data cd, and it failed. then i see that my h drive the drive with the file) is corrupt. cant delete anything, but when i put sumthing there(copy it) a little thing comes up from the tool bar saying thatthe data cant be saved or sumthing. heres a pic and...
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    Royal Melbourne Show

    hi to all aussies, or should i say victorians? r any of u going to the royal melbourne show. coz i am :D adn if so woth day r u going?? these r the showbags im getting finding nemo bag ( for the girl i love (but she's not my girlfriend :( )) mega inflatables groovy inflatables pepsi showbag...
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    Command Prompt Net Send

    hi im trying to send messages to my sisters and dads computer by using the 'net send' command prompt thing but i vcant get it right. can any1 tell me how to do this please? there are 3 different cpu's listed in my network connections, web (babae), dvd (dvds) and kims (music). the domain is...
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    Tekken 5 Xiaoyu's Plot?

    just been loitering the the tekken site and read xiaoyu's story and it kinda sounds like she's gonna try to bring back heihachi from the dead. coz as sum of u know, heihachi is dead( or is he? ). have a geez at this pic to me it looks like heihachi finaly joined body with ogre. link to...
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    The Rarest Game

    hi does any1 know wot the rarest game is? sum people say the rarest nes game is stadium events bu i dont know.
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    Stress Relief

    sup, i am extreamly pissed of and stressed right now. photoshop keeps fucking up and the same download in kazaa has been stuck at 41903/42133 4 about a week. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: wot r sum good ways to reliev stress...
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    Megaman X3 For Sega Saturn

    hi if any1 wants megaman x3 for saturn, here's a link to an ebay auction pretty cheap i think.(allthough i did pay $80 aud for my copy)