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    Does Anybody Still Sell Glass Screens?

    I was just curious is anybody still made/sold the glass screens for GP32s especially since mashmods is gone now.
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    I Want To Buy A Ps2 Driving Wheel

    I've recently gotten into a lot more driving games for PS2 (such as Initial D), and I'm trying to figure out what brand driving wheel to go with. Does anybody have any suggestions for what brand would be good to get? Reasonable price to be paying?
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    Sad News: Hdloader Currently Taken Off The Market

    For those of you who don't already know what HDLoader is, HDLoader is a program for PS2 that will use any hard drive that you can connect to your PS2 through the network adapter to store and load games from that hard drive. It was prssed onto disc and could be sued on any standard PS2. It was a...
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    Grr, I'm Uninspired, I Need Ideas For Audio Sample

    Yeah, I want some ideas of what would make some sick audio samples for songs. Not sure what they would be myself. I don't know bored and tired and thought I'd come around here asking for some help.
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    Can Y'all Suggest Some Doom Wads For Me?

    I decided to play my Dreamcast a lot lately. I also decided it was cool to play Doom on my Dreamcast along with some other wads. The Eternal wad is awesome. I also have the Heretic pwad, that worked just fine except for the inital menu screen. I tried to get Aliens TC to work but it didn't. And...
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    Chronicles Of Riddick - Pitch Black Side Story.

    I just saw the commercial for this movie a min or two ago. I have to say, it looks sweet. It's obviously a side story from his part as Riddick in Pitch Black. It actually looks pretty sweet. And his part in Pitch Black wasn't so bad. An evil psychopath who's smart as hell and kicks ass. Plus has...
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    Need Some Webdev Help.

    I'm looking for some kind of code or script that I can use in a website that will allow somebody to type into a form and when done updates on the website without the website being databsase-driven. Anybody know of stuff like this?
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    Ya'll Want A Single Say F*ck That!

    You all should check out the video for KoRn's song 'Y'all want a single'. It's on Yahoo's LaunchCast. It makes some interesting points on the record industry during the video. I thought it might be nice with our semi-recent "discussion" on file-sharing and mp3s and such.
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    Please Check Out My 'mod'.

    BOR Xtra Yes, I do give credit to the original authors. And I plan on fixing some of the characters on my own later. But I took quite some time to add them, test them (using the GP32), and add them in so they ALL work right. Like I said, just check it out.
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    Can This Board Be Setup For Indiviual Choice

    I was just wondering if it was possible to set it up for users to choose how many post per page that they see. I kind of think this would be nice considering how many stickies have been happening. I've seen this on other boards, was wondering if it was possible with this set up.
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    Beats Of Rage: Bor Xtra Mod Now Available.

    BOR Xtra Contains a folder accidentally deleted from the last version. Now it works. I know it works, it's the same PAK I'm using on my GP32 right now. Enjoy!
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    For The Sonic Fans Out There

    Ultimate Flash Sonic
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    Video Editting/capturing Program That Can Do...

    What I need to be able to do is take a video file, and save a selection of it and, frameby frame, seperate them into seperate pic files. Anybody know of a prog where I can do this? I've done them individually, but I'm looking for a easier way to save them.
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    I Swear, There Needs To Be More Original Games

    I'm seriously jonesing for some more original games for the GP32. Emulators are emulators, nothing new or original. Just the same old games again. I've seen some of up and coming homebrew originals. I would like to see more commercial originals. I really wish they could work faster on Bloody...
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    Having Problems With My Internet

    I'm having a problem with browsing pages nowadays. After I boot/reboot, I can only browse for so long. But the rest of my internet works such as E-mail and telnet. I'm running Windows 2000 and using SlimBrowser/IE. I don't think it's my broswers, but something to do with my HTTP as other things...
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    Damn, I Really Wanna Play Ffxi

    Been seeing the commercials all day today. Damn, it looks good. I so wanna get it. Damn, costs about 100 USD to buy it cause it needs the hard drive, and I don't have one already.... Must... get... FFXI.... even if I go broke doing it.... sucks that I'm already broke as it is....
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    Gp32x Went Engrish.

    I just noticed that the GP32x homepage must have the title set wrong or something, cuz it says: "GP32 X-treme - all for your GP32 needs". :lol: Nice one guys.
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    Grrr... Networking Sucks.

    Yeah, networking is a bitch, it sucks ass. Problem: Making a PC running Win2K network to a PC running Red Hat Linux 9. I apparently have two networks. One is a Windows Workgroup, the other is the network of my samba server running on RH9. I can't connect to it. My instructor and I had it...
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    Please People, In Your Signatures...

    Please, in signatures, nothing politically tied. I care not what you believe in politically, but this board is not a place for politics unless it's in the Off-Topic Forum. I hate seeing crap like that in signatures on message boards. And the GP32x forums are not a place for politics anywhere...
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    Stupid Post: What's The Most Deleted Item You Had

    What's the most amount of deleted email you had sitting in your 'Deleted Items' or equivelent folder for your computer's email program? I'm up to atleast 634 unread + [unknown at time of post] read emails. Sorry, just realized this today. Stupid frikkin mailing lists.... :lol: :lol: :lol...