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    I Think I Found Something Out...

    yesterday when I tore apart my super nes I looked at the hardware... as i looked I noticed that some of the chips ha Nintendo AND sony written on them. these chips are dated 89 so they are a little old but :rolleyes: is it possible that nintendo and sony were one at one point in time? :huh:
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    Since We've Been Talking About Beliving...

    well do u. I Think I do but am not sure. :) I spelled believing wrong. :angry:
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    What The Community Wants.

    if other, explain plz. and for referance click on my gigas thread link. :) plz vote.
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    What's Your Motto

    Mine would be, "But I stay happy :D " don't flame if u think this is stupid, please. <_<
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    Gp32 For Sale On Ebay.

    gp32_console Here is the link :D flu :D happy bidding :P :lol:
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    I noticed that the uk ste is under construction. does that mean we will have it back soon??????? :huh: :huh: Just curious to see if anyone knows. :D
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    .rar Files?

    <_< I can't find out how to put .rar files on my gp32. can anyone help???? :huh: :huh: :huh: :blink: :blink: :blink: PLEEEEEEEASE
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    I Can't Find Out How To Use Emulators

    :) So far I've only been useing homebrewgames and being able to use emulators on the gp32 was one of the main reasons that I got the gp32.can someone help? :D :(
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    This Site Rocks!!!!

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    Freelauncher Not Working!!!

    I got help from xboxit, btw thanx again, who sent me a freelauncher. everything whent fine until I tried to install it. It starts installing for two seconds but then it says communication error occured. what should I do? :(