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  1. Kazuki

    Happy Birthday Evildragon

    Happy Birthday Evildragon. ^_^
  2. Kazuki

    Dragonbox vouchers expiring

    Mine is also not listed there.
  3. Kazuki

    How will MIDI files sound on the Pyra?

    I've always use GeneralUser GS SoundFont with FluidSynth or TiMidity++ depending on what I have access to.
  4. Kazuki

    A final Pyra Newspost!

    Sapporo Ichiban is my favorite brand of ramen noodles.
  5. Kazuki

    I miss a case etc. ;-)

    Just got mine. I'm number 139. It looks like the post office did a very bad job of handling the package. It was very ripped. Luckily it did not fall out of the packaging and its in very nice shape other then a very small chip in the corner.
  6. Kazuki

    Wishlist For Hf5

    I don't see how it would make the Pandora more secure. If someone wanted to steal your Pandora all they would need is the Pandora Firmware Flash Kit on SD and then power off and reflash the firmware.
  7. Kazuki

    Complete firmware hotfix 4

    This topic seems to say it should have Hotfix 4 included. Hotfix 4 was released in August 31 so thats why it says August. :)
  8. Kazuki

    Midi files??

    You need a midi sequencer like Seq24, TiMidity++ or FluidSynth. Gruso is porting Seq24 to the Pandora. Link:
  9. Kazuki

    Wishlist For Hf5

    I'm guessing the plugin was not installed. You can get it here:
  10. Kazuki

    A fresh start

    Hello everyone. ^_^