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  1. craig-gp2x

    Cancelling my order

    Well, it's come to the point that I've got fed up with no news from Craig about his orders, last time I rang the UK number I'm told the boards will be arriving shortly, and that once they've arrived they should be able to give me an expected delivery date. What happens? The boards arrive, I ring...
  2. craig-gp2x

    Getting Gp2X Online

    Hi all Quick question; Is is possible to get the gp2x online? I'm using firmware 4 (latest), on gp2x F100B . I have the gp2x cradle too. Could somebody point me to a tutorial which will help me get the gp2x online. I read somewhere you can use a usb network cable to put the gp2x online (by...
  3. craig-gp2x

    Customer service (lack of communication)

    Right so far I've rang customer on many occasions - nobody answers the bloody phone, it almost like they cant afford a receptionist even when you call during office hours. I receive an answerphone message advising me to call during office hours - well I did bloody call during office hours and...
  4. craig-gp2x

    Dispatch time. Will I *REALLY* receive my order within 7 days?

    Hello First time poster to the forums. Hello all ! I have ordered my Pandora yesterday... will I really get my order within 7 days as promised? Please put my mind at rest, as having ordered and read the other posts, some users have waited almost a year for their orders :-(