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  1. mamemaniac

    Refund request

    @EvilDragon: any news about my order refund? I sent to you the refund payment details on Monday, did you check my mail? Thanks
  2. mamemaniac

    Unexpected mail [SOLVED]

    Hi @EvilDragon, i already ordered and payed a Pandora RMA. What i don't understand is a mail i received today with the title "Waiting to receive the device". I already sent my Pandora to you (it was delivered in your shop on Wednesday according to the shipment tracking number) so why that mail...
  3. mamemaniac

    Pandora RMA

    hi ED, I sent my Pandora to you for repair with this address: Openpandora Gmbh Michael Mrozek Schaffbraustr. 11 85049 Ingolstadt I see now on DHL tracking: Wed, 04.05.2016 16:21 h--Delivery attempted; consignee premises closed i'll send to you a PM with the tracking number, please let me...
  4. mamemaniac

    Soywiz PSP emulator

    A new PSP emulator for Linux was released last month: Will be possible to port this on Open Pandora? And more important: is PSP emulation in Open Pandora's capabilities?
  5. mamemaniac

    Pandora shipment

    Hi ED, some days ago (13/04) i received my "final payment confirmation" e-mail but i am still waiting for the "tracking number" e-mail from UPS or DHL so i would like to know if my Pandora has been shipped. I also mailed you yesterday on but got no reply.