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    Wish list

    I would say that CPS1 would be easier to emulate than GBA if they can slot in fdave's cyclone core, it uses the 68000 chip aswell.
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    Wish list

    Its Little Big Adventure! Don't tell my you haven't heard of LBA?!?! My number one would be Mega Drive but since that is already on the way I pick CPS1 as my most wanted. I would have put Neo-Geo ahead of it but without a ram mod its basically useless. CPS1 all the way!!
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    Virtual Cop Source Code

    Lo steve, I haven't even bothered looking this up cuz theres no chance it has been.
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    Is THIS the final Layout of the PsP ?

    Best looking console = sega saturn (the black one released here not the grey one) closely followed by the limited edition black dreamcast.
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    Ireland / N.Ireland

    I'm from Norn Iron and I'll ping ur windies if u ask any more questions!
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    GP64 recommended specs?

    I thought Compact flash only went up to 512mb, therefore it still doesnt match up to smartmedia cards in terms of storage and seriously, often cheaper? 256mb for £100 doesnt seem cheaper to me.
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    Official European release date!

    Its bad news because its coming out in march 2004 instead of november 2003 .. duh ;)
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    more questions from the noob

    Theres no english patch. Doom wads go in gp:/GAME/DOOM (I wish people actually read readmes)
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    dreamcast emu

    And b-e-a-utifully amazing as a console. You need to buy one.
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    dreamcast emu

    get a dreamcast, your "backups" should work on it, after £19 aint much.
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    GPengine save states

    well there is a new version that has RF-link support that hasnt been released yet so I guess its still being worked on.
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    GPengine save states

    You can save them but not load them, hopefully this will be remedied in the future.
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    Getting "Timed out" error

    I can't remember how to fix it but I'm sure your USB cable isn't broken. There are a lot of bugs with PC link. This is probably one of them.
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    English GP32 games!

    Did you expect them to release a console in europe with primarily korean languange games? I expected this but I'm still waiting on ASR in english. (100th post)
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    update on GP32Spain competition

    #gp32dev be where rlyeh inhabits
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    update on GP32Spain competition

    Sonic, join the mailing list and ask for it to be mailed again or ask rlyeh on mIRC
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    Well you could find out the price on It should be £129.99 + 17.5% VAT and a few quid for delivery
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    No more DC online

    I would care if my dreamkey 3.0 cd actually arrived, I e-mailed sega europe and they said I would get it in 2 weeks. That was quite a while ago.
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    adic 2002

    where are the downloads for them, I can't find them.