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  1. OrR

    Palm Hot Apps Programm Kicks Off For Pdk (C/c++) Apps I'm not entirely sure if Open Source ports are eligible but I can't find anything that forbids them, either. We could use a proper finger friendly OpenTTD port... :) Also, there are probably a few iPhone devs with easy...
  2. OrR

    New Scifi Show: Frontier Guard

    I've been enjoying fan made Star Trek episodes for quite a few years. Now the guys behind the longest Star Trek fan series, Hidden Frontier, are finally making their own science fiction series! If you head over to the chatroom right now, you'll be able to enjoy the premiere of the first episode...
  3. OrR

    Qwak: Pay Whatever You Want

    Jamie Woodhouse, who has also been active on these forums, is having a sale of his game Qwak! Just pay whatever you think is the right price: You might also remember the game from the Amiga, although it has been updated a lot for the PC release I think. I...
  4. OrR

    Tales Of Monkey Island 1 Free For Rest Of Today

    Ahoy mateys! Let's celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day: Everybody here should already have bought the complete ToMI season but if you haven't, episode 1 is free today. If you have bought it already, you get another Telltale episode for free. Arrr!
  5. OrR

    Palm Pre Vs Nokia N900

    I was so sure I had found my dream mobile phone in the Palm Pre. It's awesome and also Linux based and relatively open. It would be perfect friends with my Pandora. However, now the N900 has been announced and it's basically the same with a few advantages: It has the Maemo community behind it...
  6. OrR


    A site Craig recommended via Twitter: Check out this video, it's hilarious: Magic chip morphing! 100 times greener at 1/100 the cost! Are they serious or is this some kind of witty joke?! Edit: It's even recession friendly!
  7. OrR

    Openmoko Experimenting With Open Source Hardware Development

    Openmoko has started a new initiative called GTA02-core. You can read more about it here on their wiki. In short, it is an experimental project to fix and enhance their Freerunner phone hardware. It's NOT a "make your dream phone" project but instead it is an experiment in open source hardware...
  8. OrR

    We Need A Favicon!

    Yeah, not that important, but I'd like GP32X to have a nice favicon so that I can identify GP32X tabs at one quick glance. Probably the new red X should be used if it can be scaled down well. I'm not a pixel artist so I'm not going to try to do this...
  9. OrR

    Adding more open handhelds...

    I think we should add more open handheld forums. However, not every one of them needs it's own set of subforums, and if they are all visible in the forum index, it would get confusing. Thus, I suggest adding a category "Other Open Handhelds" with subforums for: -"Openmoko Phones" (They lack a...
  10. OrR

    Vanishing Posts?

    The boards are full of glitches but I didn't notice until recently that posts also seem to vanish sometimes... Is there a sane reason for this? I noticed this happening here: CODE but also in other places. Or am I...
  11. OrR

    Ways To Fight/prevent Pandora Games Piracy

    I want commercial games on the Pandora and I want them to be a success. I assume most people here want the same. For this to happen, we have to ensure that people pay for playing these games. With downloadable PC games, 90% piracy rates seem to be common. Developers I spoke to are often afraid...
  12. OrR

    Any Openmoko Users?

    It seems to me that most people interested in the Pandora because of Linux/openness/awesome handheld hardware should be interested in the Openmoko ( ) phones for precisely the same reasons. So, are there other people around who already got a Neo 1973 or are planning to get a...
  13. OrR

    Culture Fund

    Donating money to developers of free software is always a nice gesture. It provides developers with a little extra incentive to continue developing. However, it doesn't work that way. Few people ever actually donate and even worse, some people promise to donate when they see amazing software pop...
  14. OrR

    Gp2x.letter 2.0?

    When the GP2X was new, we started the GP2X.letter, a newsletter to inform everyone in the community about recent developments. It wasn't really successful and the project soon lost it's energy and went belly-up. I still think the general idea is good, though: Collect the email addresses of...
  15. OrR

    Digg The Cradle

    Found this on Digg: Not perfectly written but who really cares? Digg it to heaven!
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    Anyone up for a port? It's GPL'd. Originally written for GBA, no idea how much work a port would be.
  17. OrR

    Sci Studio?

    Brian Provinciano released some game engine that certainly looks interesting: No idea if it's possible but it might be a good candidate for porting to the GP2X.
  18. OrR

    Is There Any Way To Get Rid Of The Lines?

    I've installed the newest firmware. I've tried this program and managed to improve it a little but not enough. What am I doing wrong? What settings are you using? I'm talking horizontal lines, especially noticable if you move your GP2X or your eyes up and down.
  19. OrR

    GP2X Gp2x Scientific Sensor

    I had a weird idea recently: How about designing a sensor thingy that attaches to the GP2X Ext port and a program to collect the data? The sensor should be as simple but also as universal as possible. Not sure what would be possible, yet, but I could probably develop it as a university project...
  20. OrR

    Teaching A 5 Year Old Child To Calculate 12+31

    It should be pretty easy and a lot of fun to make a GP2X application to teach little children basic math. It should be lots of fun designing such an application and it could also open a new market for the GP2X. I've got a basic overiew of how I imagine the program already written down and I...