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  1. gulyman

    torrent of latest OS

    Can someone put up a torrent for the latest OS? I think that would be super zaxxon B4. I'm living in northern Canada where the internet is insanely slow. When I try to download from the main site, it hovers between 18-30 kB/s. After about 5 min it stops, leaving me with a partial file. It's...
  2. gulyman

    OS usage stats

    In a different thread Craig mentioned this. I was curious to see if that was true. The first google result was this. http://www.w3schools...browsers_os.asp I realize that this is just one source, but I think that the w3 guides are some of the most well known. This would hopefully mean it`s...
  3. gulyman

    Pandoras At Landmarks And Famous Places

    Google informs me that the saddle dome is in Calgary and being a college student means I can't travel there. I never thought of west ed. A photo in front of the roller coaster would be cool. I moved here from northern Alberta to do Computer Science at UofA so I'm not that familier with the...
  4. gulyman

    PSP (Playstation Portable)

    I'm in favor of smashing all the blocks into little pieces and pouring them in. I mean, how much different is one string of ones and zeros from another? :D
  5. gulyman

    3 Year Anniversary

    I quite like P&|a. I should write it like that from now on :P
  6. gulyman

    Pandoras At Landmarks And Famous Places

    There's not a lot of famous landmarks in Edmonton Alberta :(
  7. gulyman

    Color through a video out cable

    That's probably it since I live smack in the middle of North America.
  8. gulyman

    Color through a video out cable

    I upgraded to HF6b1, but after trying all 8 options from the TV Out script, haven't been able to achieve color. vadsamoht: The cable that you used didn't have any internal circuitry? Also thanks for making your guide. It was very helpful.
  9. gulyman

    Color through a video out cable

    I followed the guide that Vadsamoht wrote (http://www.mediafire...8gev3n938go9im0) and made a tv-out cable. I soldered the appropriate pins directly to the appropriate parts of my hacked off cable ends with nothing in between. It works fine, but only displays in black and white. Here you can...
  10. gulyman

    EXT connectors

    I got mine yesterday, the last day before the mail strike happened. :)
  11. gulyman

    EXT connectors

    Mine have shipped, but there's a mail strike starting on Friday :( The union is being a union.
  12. gulyman

    what WILL void my warranty? evild please respond

    When I got my unit, the power port was buggy. It turned out that one of the legs on the port hadn't been soldered onto the pandora board. That was easy to fix. Now if something unrelated happened like I got the purple tint of death, I would hope that it would still be covered under the warranty.
  13. gulyman

    TV Out Cables on Amazon?

    I've been wondering if there was a guide to making a tv out cable. Something that told you which pin on plug A to connect to which pin on plug B. Does there need to be some circuitry that goes between the two ends?
  14. gulyman

    fix website

    This is what I see on my screen. Using chrome on windows 7.
  15. gulyman

    Can't charge from barrel plug

    I guess I should have mentioned that I was able to turn it on since the battery was at half charge. The LED was blinking while I wiggled the cord without the pandora shutting off.
  16. gulyman

    Can't charge from barrel plug

    I just got my pandora today, but I think something's wrong with the barrel plug in the pandora. The charging LED seldom turns on when it's plugged in. The AC adapter male end gives out 5 volts when tested with a multimeter. When plugged into the pandora, the charging LED will sometimes come on...
  17. gulyman

    Who is this character?

    Yep that's it. I saw him on a documentary. I thought the background looked sort of like a movie poster from a premier or something.
  18. gulyman

    Who is this character?

    I was using stumble upon, and it showed me this guy. I could swear I've seen him before. He might be from a super hero universe. Anyone have an idea?
  19. gulyman

    Premium Pandora Review

    man files are where it's at.
  20. gulyman

    True or False

    I tried googling those phrases, but didn't find anything pertaining to rules for developing FOSS. Maybe my googling skills just suck. I would be interested in seeing such a list of rules though. If you could post a link OldJim, that'd be much appreciated. I don't know how anyone can be...