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    Mediagoblin - Youtube but open and distributed?

    Hi there, it's been a while since my last time activity at this community, but anyway, when I saw this picture, the memories of retro gaming just popped up:     And maybe the Mediagoblin project is also interesting for the game art community here. It's an decentralized, self-hosting approach...
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    Add python packages

    Hi, sorry for the stupid question, but how can I install python packages without pip OR easy_install? I don't want to create a .pnd (for now) which bundles all modules, but doing some simple tests with scripts on the pandora :/
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    CLI Love - Wavemon "no wireless interfaces found"

    Hi, I tried to get wavemon working, its in the CLI love PND. So I enable the Wifi and fire up CLI love, bring it to front and invoke via "sudo wavemon" Sadly wavemon just tells that there are "no wireless interfaces found". Any ideas? I have a batch1 pandora with SuperZaxxon.
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    Pandora is image of the week at

    Hi, the OSM image of the week is this time the Pandora: Thanks to the cool port of Navit by WizardStan, you can use OSM on the device. So OpenData, OpenSoftware and OpenHardware is the dreamteam :)