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    Wtc Caanoo

    Am looking to buy a used Caanoo that's in good condition, preferably boxed...   Please PM me if you have one that you wish a good home for it :)
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    Buying A Usb Otg

    Hi guys, After buying a USB male to female converter (useless) and after getting two wrong cables of ebay, I still haven't given up using the USB OTG but this time I am turning for you for help. Can you please check which of the following items will allow me to have USB host on my Pandora...
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    Uninstall apps, more apps on desktop

    I am sorry for these noob questions, but I searched the wiki and didn't find answers :( 1. How do one uninstall an app he has used before? 2. How can I show more app icons on my desktop 3. How can I make xfce treat single clicks on icons as double click (execute, open etc...)
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    Data disapearibg

    Hi everyone, I happily used my Pandora yesterday and my session ended with a normal shutdown and me packing it in its protective case (for those who donn't know me well, I treat my gadgets veeeeeeeeeeeeery carefully). Anyway, just switched it on (typing this on the Pandora) and found out that...
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    Will this work?

    Hi all, Was wondering if this works, I have all the parts ready but not daring to try it (will explain why later) Mouse with USB A m <--> USB Gender changer f to f <--> USB A m to USB B f cable <--> Pandora USB OTG port The reason am not daring to try this is that the "USB Gender changer f...
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    Craig Passes Mupen64 Video

    For your eyes pleasure, hot from the oven: Development discussion here in the beta section (looks like this is where the video first popped up):
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    Thanks Alyinsanfran: Improve Your Mk2 Control Now

    All credit goes to alyinsanfran: I just followed alyinsanfran's guidance from this topic, and this is by far the easiest mod to improve your F100 MK2 joystick response. What's so great about this mod is: 1. You wont need to open your 2X to apply it 2. Doesn't require any extra parts that you...
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    Developer's Edition Bob Casing

    I am in the process of casing my developer's bob, and I will be using two iron bolts for each screw to make sure the board is steady, am worried if this would short circuit the board, the order of the pieces for the design am after is: screw, upper plastic cover, an iron bolt, the bob, another...
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    Any Ideas For A Simple Mod?

    Hi guys, I just noticed that the Samsung C100 charger has a plug that fits perfectly in my GP32's ext port, and I was wondering if anyone can suggest a simple mod to put this plug to use? :)
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    Windows 3.11

    Hi all, Some of us remember the proof of concept we had months ago, when one of the members was able to install and run Win 95 on the 2X, I remember it was so slow that it even took 15 minutes to boot. I am wondering if anyone tried installing Win 3.11? I guess if it was usable, then we got...
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    GP2X Image Viewer

    Hi, Has the source code of the built in image viewer been released? if yes, would someone be kind enough to guide me to where to find it exactly? I dived in the latest firmware source code but was unsuccessful in finding it :( Thanks in advance...
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    Wmvplayer For Gp2x(sample Version)

    You asked for it :) ell released a wmvPlayer for GP2X: I hope someone can take this and start building a player around it or add its features to one of the existing players we already have. Pick it up from the archive:,0,0,0,6,2055
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    68k Cpus

    mmm, bare my question, but wont there be a benifit if the next revision of our beloved handheld included, beside the 1 zilion ghz cpu they will decide to add, two normal and simple 68 k cpus? this will make it much easier for developers to emulate other stuff on machines using those CPUs, just a...
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    Pdf Reader

    Does this mean we can finally have a good pdf viewer? please say yes guys please :) (Hope this one wasn't discussed before :huh: )
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    Gp32: More Than 128 Mb!

    <edit> Am sorry for posting this in GP2X section, this should go to GP32 forum, stupid me :( </edit> OK guys, I was always pissed off the limited size of SMC cards, and I got excited when I heard about the XD to SMC convertor, as everyone else, although it ment a longer life to our dear GP32...
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    Extension Cable?

    Hi guys, I am looking for an extenstion cable for the EXT port on the GP2X, something like a male EXT to female EXT that is at least 6 feet long, is it available? if not, can this be easily made using parts of Samsung mobile phones/chargers? Thanks for the help.
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    Notice On Gamepark's Website

    This is the translation generated by google for the notice that appeared two days ago in the pop up that replaced GC Germany pop up, can anyone please explain what does it mean? I hope this is not a bad thing, and sorry if this notice is an old news already. The notice's link is...
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    News Update From Gc Germany

    I got this answer by sbock from an earlier topic I started yesterday: I know many people have been wondering about the current status since GPH offcial bulletin board seems like a ghost city, glad we got this update, thanks Stephan :)
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    The Game Convention In Germany

    Are there any news or announcements made in the Game Convention from GPH or GP? EvilDragon is not here and I hope we can have some info on what's going on there right now from anyone who has attended, few photos of the booths and any dummy/demo machines or at least some release dates will be...
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    Text Fitter V0.9 Released

    I have just released Text Fitter V0.9 Description: Use this app to make the layout of a text stored in a *.txt file fit your GP2X screen, GP32 screen or any other device that has a text reader installed to (Nokia phone ...etc). You will have to experiment a little until you find the best...