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    Screen corruption

    Hi guys, I purchased a pandora off of eBay last week and I love it. I was using UAE4All and noticed the colors were odd so I quit the app. When I looked at the desktop I noticed the anti-aliasing around the fonts looked grainy and some colors had changed completely. The background image...
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    Gp32 Blu Not + With 128 Meg Smc And Carry Case

    Hi, just as said:
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    Sam And Max

    Hi, My Sam and Max cd is totally buggered, scratched to death as it's so old. I'd made an so3 from the sou to play by scumm but I see the gp32 version needs an sog... I can't get my sou off the cd now so is there anyway I can convert the so3 to an sog? Thanks
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    Doom Options

    Hi, I've noticed that Doom on the GP32 doesn't save in game options like screen size or music volume. Do you know if Doom pulled in any config files like quake did where I could set the options for good. From what I recall it didn't, but just asking incase anyone has any ideas.