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    [SOLD] iControlPad for Sale, as new. £30 + Ship

    Selling my iControlPad - it has been used once to test, otherwise has lived in the box it shipped in. (See pic). Simply no time to use it. Comes with rubber sides, original Clamp set, instruction manual, USB cable (still sealed). Asking £30 + shipping Pic:
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    (Almost) Mint First Batch Pandora for sale + Case + Charger + X-Stylus + 2xSD. Price Drop. Another P

    EDIT: Price Dropped to £150+Shipping I have a First Batch Pandora for sale - so 256MB, 600MHz default. Comes with original charger, original OpenPandora carry case, New & Sealed pack of X-Stylus Crayons (Original touchpen still in Pandora) Nand is flashed to latest 1.52 firmware ready for...
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    Thousands Of Alsa Buffer Underruns In Puae?

    I've compiled the latest version (2.3.1) of Gnostic's PUAE from the git here: (Gnostic has thrown in a pandora build script now. It uses SDL sound; I can't get it to build with ALSA sound available in the source. I'm compiling direct on the pandora. After...
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    Appdata Folder Is Not Being Used, Apps Instead?

    Briefly: Have new Pandora, all working fine. Have lots of PNDs running that - according to docs - use the appdata folder. However, thery don't - they just create subdirs in the SD/apps/ folder instead... e.g. DX1/DX2 rebirth, puae, psx-rearmed, reminiscence - all created directorys under...
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    Chromium (V10) - All File Browser Windows Empty?

    Enjoying a newly arrived pandora this week. I'm running the OS off a SD as per wiki (latest firmware tarball download). Everything seems to work ok. Chromium runs fine (bar the random crashes, but thats not restricted to Chromium) but I am unable to add local files if needed. E.g. GMail -...
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    Current Delivery Progress In The First 1000?

    Sorry if this sounds a little impatient - not meant to be - but I am curious about how far we are progressing down the order queue? Original posts/tweets from several days ago seemed to indicate we were churning out 50 odd a day ('We are going for 50 tomorrow' or similar), but maybe that was a...