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    GP2X Civilization

    Sorry if I'm stressing you once again , but I would like to understand if an easy port of Civilization ( free CIV i.e ) should be possible . Thanks guys, God bless the GP2X :D
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    F - Day ????

    Any news guys ? God bless GP32. Rgd
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    Just Two Questions

    Something like Free Civ ? :D I mean a new Civilization II on GP32. It could be possible to do it in C ? What about F-Day ? … It is a dream to get it before September? :D Have a nice day guys
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    Flash Player

    What about a Flash player on GP32 ? It is possible or it is just a stupid dream ? Have a nice day guys B)
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    Lunar Lander

    Easy question therefore easy answer : Do you know how I can play Lunar Lander on my GP32 ? I've seen a Mame version but seem that it doen't work. Up to you guy.. :)
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    God Bless The Gp32

    I got my GP32 BLU+ version two week ago ... I tested all :P Guys nothing less nothing more than... God bless the GP32. ;) Waiting porting of the best PC'80 games ...