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    Gp2x First Game And Application Program Is Open!

    Another confirmation, commercial games could be released on other systems Contests rules will be changed this morning ;)
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    Gp2x First Game And Application Program Is Open!

    I have confirmation this morning : - winners will receive their prize, plus a contract of distribution on GP2X. Of course, they will receive royalties on sales - non winners, if their game is good enough, will negociate a contract of distribution (and will receive royalties on sales) I'm still...
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    Gp2x First Game And Application Program Is Open!

    Well, if it's a commercial game, and if gamepark doesn't want to sell it, then, you cans distribute if for... free (on GP2X) (as on any othet videogame system) And you can use the same code for other systems, you only has a lisence for 1 game on GP2X. It's exactly the same as on all platforms...
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    Gp2x First Game And Application Program Is Open!

    From what I know, there will be discussions to release all commercial entries. And of cource, the creators will receive part of the sales, like any other commercial games on any platform. But, if the game is bad, it won't be released. no matter the amount of work done on it. A bad game is a bad...
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    More Possible Commercial Game Support..

    Loool Yes, still alive ;) But after ADIC 2004, which was a pure nightmare for me, I deceided to stop everything (but I was still having a look to what was happening B) I'm back for quite some times now, but nobody knows it ;) Anyway Remember one thing ^^ Only trust the official...
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    More Possible Commercial Game Support..

    Real numbers are : GP32 (all versions) : 27000 Units GP2X : 7000 (from launch to March 2006) These are worldwide sales, including South Korea
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    What's This??? A Gp2x Clone....???

    They stole the design to Gamepark and they recreated a new unit using the GP2X part list. Gamepark is aware of it for a few hours now. For the moment, they wait to see what will happen
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    Adic 2004 Downloads

    I hope my bandwith will support this ^^
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    GP32 Adic 2004 Time-limit

    yes, it's true
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    Adic 2004

    Well, last year, all contestants received 70$ of goodies, even the guy who did a demo in 4 colors with a 4x4 sprite moving ;)
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    Some Good News

    no, they just have no plans for releasing it for the moment
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    Ext. To T.v?

    hey, i'm a veteran (no 3) It's seems there are only 2 prototypes. I've got one and Gamepark the other one probably, but I never opened it to verify yes, the forgot... soooooooo many things..... Face to face, they promised to send plans to me many times, but when they're back to korea...
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    Gp32news Abandoned In Favour Of Gizmondo?

    Welle, estimated starting date is beginning of September you'll have once again 4 months to develop anything you want for GP32
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    Gp32news Abandoned In Favour Of Gizmondo?

    GP32news didn't abandoned the GP32 The problem is that I found a new job and I don't have enough time to post news. Most of my team is on holidays so they can't post any news. For the moment, i'm working on the ADIC 2004 (which should start soon) and i'm starting to work on my Gizmondo website...
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    read well on GBAX, all prices are without VAT so you see the VAT only at the end if you think it's too expensive, you can buy it on (site in spanish) or (site in french and english)
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    Is Official?

    well, I (gp32news) was hosting it, but during the first hours ou gp32eu, there were more than 10GB of bandwith, which is quite too much for me... but now, files are available somewhere else. GP32eu is of course unofficial and not run by gp32news' staff To the end, usually, websites are not...
  17. F Online

    GP32eu is not an official site There are only 3 official websites : (or or gamepark.coom, same site) All other sites are unofficial (like about a link between gp32eu and gp32news, i'm just helping them, thats all ^^
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    Need Hosting And Mirrors For Some Gp32opie Stuff

    I can host you if you want you'll have unlimited space (as long as it's gp32 related)
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    GP32 Gamepark Docs And Development Kits

    most official tools and documents are here :
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    just go to and you'll get your answer :)