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    Drsms + Gamegear

    Hello Reesy, all.. you wanna ask if you have any small news concerning the GameGear compatibility of the upcoming version of DrSMS? Or perhaps a rough timespan in which we can hope for an early test version? Thanks and good job! Purity
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    Doom Tcs

    Hello all, I've tried to play the WolfenDoom Total Conversion for Doom II on my GP32. Unfortunatelly the freezes while selecting the strength in the main menu (so it actually loads but i can't start). Could anybody explain me how to tweak pc native TCs to play them using GPDoom? Thanks and Bye...
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    Question About "clrmame.dat"

    Hello, yeah i finally found my way back to mame again .. this time on my gp32 :) Now I'm a little bit confussed ... well not really but I've got a question. I've downloaded the latest version 1.9 (without the 2 specialized hotfixes). In the readme is mentioned that this version supports 721...
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    Emulators Best Friend..

    Hello all, I wanna create an up to date list of the best working emulators for all kind of consoles/systems. I've found several attempts in the faq and in other threads of the board but afaik all of them are quite out of date. Therefore, and due to the current success of reesy tweaking the snes...