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    Mediagoblin - Youtube but open and distributed?

    Hi there, it's been a while since my last time activity at this community, but anyway, when I saw this picture, the memories of retro gaming just popped up:     And maybe the Mediagoblin project is also interesting for the game art community here. It's an decentralized, self-hosting approach...
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    Add python packages

    Hi, sorry for the stupid question, but how can I install python packages without pip OR easy_install? I don't want to create a .pnd (for now) which bundles all modules, but doing some simple tests with scripts on the pandora :/
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    CLI Love - Wavemon "no wireless interfaces found"

    Hi, I tried to get wavemon working, its in the CLI love PND. So I enable the Wifi and fire up CLI love, bring it to front and invoke via "sudo wavemon" Sadly wavemon just tells that there are "no wireless interfaces found". Any ideas? I have a batch1 pandora with SuperZaxxon.
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    Pandora is image of the week at

    I tried to put the procedure together: (but of course it's a cooperated work with all at the forums) Currently we stiil need to deploy an Pandora specific config, so you don't need all the tweaks ;)
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    Pandora is image of the week at

    Hi, the OSM image of the week is this time the Pandora: Thanks to the cool port of Navit by WizardStan, you can use OSM on the device. So OpenData, OpenSoftware and OpenHardware is the dreamteam :)
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    Release Navit

    FYI The Pandora is the image of the week at the OSM Wiki
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    Release Navit

    I noticed, that the file is still missing for the xgettext translation. Can anybody help plz?
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    Release Navit

    Well the following attribute is within the <vehicle> tag. I use 5 so that not every move needs to redraw the map.
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    Release Navit

    Sounds good :) Well the 3D view ist currently just a 2.5 because it's a simple transformation to get some pitched perspective. Real 3D is possible, but for that we need still a lot of work (ext. binfile format, better OpenGL ES support, UX concept, ....). But you can check this out...
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    Release Navit

    Well enabling OSD is basically just enabling the GUI internal and enabling the single OSD items in the navit.xml You can tweak the update intervall, by setting the follow="10" attribute to the gui entry. This means, that it will refresh the map after 10 GPS updates, that is usually every...
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    Release Navit

    Ok I got finally it working with all features (OSD, TTS, ...) but I'm still on tuning a good pandora config (buttons, OSD, ...) that we might embedd to the PND directly I wrote down the collected process here: Comments&Critics are wellcome...
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    Can't switch back from full desktop UI

    Same here with a batch1 pandora that I updated to SuperZaxxon 1.52
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    SuperTuxKart on Pandora 1Ghz

    I pointed the STK dev team to this forum: Feel free to ask about further improvements ;) BTW Thanks for giving it a try :)
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    Dropbox clone in Python

    I run at my servers. It's quit ok, i use it as online PIM and to exchange small files/documents I'm working on. Maybe we can port the client (there is an CLI version) to pandora as well?
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    Release Navit

    I didn't get the XML config files altered :/ I tried to copy a new one to /pandora/appdata/navit and even to the ../.navit subfolder but that didn't worked. What am I doing wrong? I want to apply my maps settings and add custom GUI settings etc...
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    Bitcoins experience

    Was there already an decision on not supporting Bitcoin? Maybe we can add an bounty option to the softwarestore or combine it with
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    Release Navit

    Yay, NAVIT on Pandora? Sounds great :) As I'm now a little bit more at the NAVIT side (wiki stuff basically), I suggest to start an article over there?
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    Just to let you know we're not dead (2011-08-16)

    Dont feel sad Michael, I have a Pandi and I know it's worth to waiting for! Concerning the WHomepage relaunch, what about using the wiki only and transforming it to an official one? If I have time again in October I would like to help to get the wiki back in business again :)
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    Angry Birds

    AngryBirds(n900) port to i8320
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    Port Requests

    Another great tool to me would OpenConnect, a alternative client to Cisco VPN with the Anyconnect technologie I saw it already a package for the OpenWRT router firmware, so I guess it's good portable...