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    Gp2x Killer Apps

    Well hello there! I used to be a pretty active member way back when (any of the old regs still kicking about here and remember me? :D). Anyway, I'm considering a GP2X, because, well, it doesn't need any reason does it? But I want to know what killer apps there are! I just need some convincing...
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    I'm now selling my gp32 on ebay. While I had it the GP32 was an amazing gadget that I loved. What I loved more was the community, it was still a tight-knit bunch. We helped each other, got to know each other, insulted each other over choices of favourite consoles (Mega Drive is so much better...
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    Thinking of selling

    I'm thinking of selling my GP32 as I really need the money and I haven't got much use out of it recently. What I'd be selling is: GP32 in good condition with box and manual, a 64mb SMC, a SMC card reader and software for it and an unoffical protection case which has proved itself to waterproof...
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    Help me!

    Alright I've been away from the gp32 scene for exactly (checks date) July the 18th O_O I need some help! Whats happened, what been the big news! Whats the new emus and applications, what happened with the new firmware and so on and so forth! Go on, have a heart
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    Compact Flash

    well there are plenty of compact flash devices that have plugins to make them into SMC readers, so I was thinking which is not a good sign. What if you took the gp32 apart (i mean totally apart), gutted out the SMC reading capability, had the case reformed at the back because CF cards are...
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    communication errors

    Just wondering what could cause a communication error, I thought it might be due to swoping from a USB modem, to printer to gp32 that caused it but I got a hub today are everything except gp32 works anyone fancy helping
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    Gp32 manager

    just noticed soemthing, when you extract it and it says what files are being extracted it extracts mp.fxe, the new media player maybe? Who knows I can't check atm as I've got pc problems
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    Worst week in technology

    OK this week has sucked for me and technology and i want to see if anyone can beat its suckiness. First a fan in my PC goes, not totally broken in my opinion but my parents blame me and think the computer will explode if used. THEN my 128mb SMC breaks on me, on the day the new SNES emu comes...
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    Weird SMC problem

    now I searched and as far as I can see this problem has never come up before. A little background might help. I've owned my gp32 for close to 2 months, maybe more and not had any problems. I've been using the same 128mb SMC for all the emus, games, moviepark etc etc. I then bought a 64mb SMC for...
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    Happy birthday

    it's ph0x's birthday for those that don't look down the bottoms of the page :) now lets all wish him a happy birthday, and long life so he can't develop more stuff for the gp32 :D happy birthday ph0x
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    New NES emu i think just dled but sounds promising this is pulled out of the readme [Features] ---------- +mappers supported : 0,1,2,3,4,7,9. +cpu emulation by Nofrendo cpu core. +apu emulation by Nofrendo apu core (slighlty modified). +own ppu emulation, scanline based (more...
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    MSX games

    Gimme 3 reeeeeeeeeealllllllllyyyyyy good games for the MSX emu
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    i can't get past the first level ;_;, got any tips? :lol:
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    Comic Book Reader

    A comic book reader would be awesome and amazing as I have a HUGE amount of comics that I would love to read on the move but carrying around some of the collections if a nightmare, programs like are very cool and I use that for reading scanslations of...
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    GP32 OK!! Its time to teach

    Right I'm gonna try and port this, what I need to know is WHAT, will I need what programs, knowledge in what language etc. Come on its a good cause ^_^
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    How many english people!

    hehe just wondering how many gp32 brits there are ^_^
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    A randomised game title question

    Can anyone remember a stratergy game by bitmap brothers about robots and stuff? Can't remember the title but i think it is something like Z or something, not sure! But if you do know the title do you know if it was available for any of the emulated consoles lurking on the gp32 thanks :D
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    Whats a good mech game

    Looking for good mech action games for any of the consoles gp32 can emu ^_^ i like mechs!
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    Wind-ups wallpapers

    How do i make these as i know they have to be put specially? i got Paint Shop Pro 7 if thats any use
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    My FAQ Guide thingy ma bob

    I have started working on it today as I had to work all last week so v.0.1 should be ready for a week today