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    Euro 2004 Sweepstake

    France, even though their last world cup was a total desaster... let's hope they don't get eliminated/humiliated right away...
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    Psp- Region Free?

    the umd discs rnt perfect circles, there more "stylish" i'd say, and it's official it won't be region free...
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    What Comes First

    just had to vote girls!! i love my princess... :rolleyes:
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    What Is Everyone Playing A.t.m?

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    Broken Front Light!!

    i'll try it... as for the search part, i tried but isnt it a little hard to find the right search words... but guess its me, sorry...
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    Broken Front Light!!

    Help!!!! The front light of my gp32 is broken... dont know y... maybe a shock or something... what can i do? open it? send it or something? pls, any advise would help... (y me, y!!!??)
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    yeah, could u make a section "the most downloaded" ?
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    k,done for the gp32 "itself", thx guys. And how about the other systems ? There's roms on snes or others systems that'd be awesome on my gp... which one? Note : Oh no!!! The gp32 section's out right now... (sigh)
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    I am amaized by the number of roms they have on their site !!! But the problem is, which one to choose ??? :unsure: Any suggestions ?
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    The Game Game

    micro machines
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    Nintendo Ds Specs Leaked!

    it's the psp, not the psx, PinkSpider ...
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    Bs-zelda, Compatible With Opensnes9x ?

    thndrshk2k, you do need glasses, or lens. Have you at least played the first Zelda?
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    guys, just wait for the european launch... than you'll see links on sites everywhere... and why not do an ad contest: the best pic showing the gp32's glory wins... all the others' respect ...
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    gpjosh, what as your avatar got to do with nintendo? and, f-zero isn't new...
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    hum... what i suggest is that you all garb your little fingers ( did i said that ?! ) and type emails to some video gaming sites and ask... right now, i'm writing a mail to a famous news v-g site... (can we call this chatting??)
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    r u talking to me? r UUU talking to me? anyways, even though i love nintendo, you have to admit that they always release the same games... take the mario kart series, zelda, dk, mario... edit huh, faster then any of you, suckers... ':P'
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    do you think sony, microsoft or nintendo would give some ad spots for the gp? There commercial ennemies!! Have you seen an ad on nintendo's site saying: "buy the ps2 at top prices, less costey , more graphical power, more games... and why are you on a nintendo's site?" Great deal for nintendo...
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    sony makes just as good games as nintendo does, even though sony hasn't got the big n's big franchises and its magical touch ( I named Shigeru Myamoto san !). If not, at least they're way ahead of Microsoft... But anyway, back to the polemic... no reason to ban mr. he just got a bad idea on a...
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    hum... excuse you?
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    get some friends...