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    Nintendo Ds Specs Leaked!

    the PSP specs are so much better though it has two 333mhz processors right? One for games and one for other stuff, it will probally be able to emulate the GBA. The DS sounds cool wow two screens but I've thought about it and I'd rather have a good sized screen then two small ones.
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    brand new gp32: .... sticky ?

    Yeah my nintendo had a yellowish tinge to it a while back... but that's because my dog pissed on it. GurtyGurt mabey that's what happened to yours lol.
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    just break in to Inopia's house with ski masks and force him to give you the GP32 test version. :lol:
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    do u own a gba

    Ya, I was kinda wondering how to get the games out because I've noticed it's a pain in the ass with my digital camera. They should have put an eject button that'd be nice. :P
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    GP32 Rocks!

    I might eventually get a GP32 (I'm hoping to get a job soon) and If i do I might get one. but I didn't notice sega genisis emulation that'd be cool!!! And someone has to port Rocknes or Loopynes to the GP32. I'm sure if someone got ahold of the authors for Rocknes or Loopynes they'd probally...