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    Gamepark Files Bankruptcy

    Too bad really, i geuss i'll just invest in the 2x now.
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    Bor Mod: Avp

    Its prob ur pak
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    Overclocking The Gp2x Hope The Dev Don't Consider

    I hope thts not the case with the gp2x, but i have had my gp32 since 2002 and OCing is the only way to really enjoy it and its perfectly fine no problems.
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    bomber man = ownage
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    Just A Thought

    I see, I thought Gpx2 has two 200mhz cpus, but zodiac has a ati chipwhich would probally make it better for psx. Neo Geo hmmm I'd take that over psx anyday.
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    Just A Thought

    Will any 3d emulators be able to run on GPx2, even if its 12 fps and no sound?
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    Gpx2 Korean Q&a

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    Whoa, If This Is Really Gamepark's Next Design...

    It has 2 arm9something cpus and 64mb of ram. Also a 2d an 3d graphics accelerater???
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    Whoa, If This Is Really Gamepark's Next Design...

    This looks even better than PSP by far
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    Drmd Beta 9

    clap* clap*
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    Futura Video Games Has "all For Princess"

    since when has it been hard to get? i got it with my gp32 about 1 and a half- 2 years ago. 70$ :o dear lord
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    What Kind Of Gp32 Do You Have?

    wuts a Blu+
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    RE4 is going to be the bestof its kind 2005? who else agrees this game will rock
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    Evildragon, You Freakin' Rock Man...

    Do you know how hard you have to twist PSP for the UMD to pop out.
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    Half-life Vs Half-life 2

    FEAR will completly own HL2, watch some of FEARS videos and find out why.
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    A Rpg

    yes some tuff times, i wouldve tried to help more, but i had to move to australia no computer interaction for 6 months after that. Infact i still have 1 of the story lines took me a month to write(120-140 pages), all gone to waste
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    I Hate Skool!!

    American school spoiled me, being able to wear what you want and dye your hair(even though i didnt), and you wouldent get suspended if you called the teacher a fat fucking pig fucker just a detension. Australia is killin me, uniforms, i got suspended twice for talking back one more and im...
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    NAS - new york state of mind
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    Gay O Meter

    i got 50, im neither 2 strait or 2 gay, it says thats the best but still...............
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    The Gigas Project Sign Ups

    very familair.............hmmm, anyways since gigas engine is out, a community game could be much mcuh much easier to do.