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  1. paeryn

    Release SDL-Ball

    After enjoying helping Sebt3 port Briquolo, I've ported SDL-Ball all on my own (scary :unsure: ). It looks 2D but it uses OpenGL for nice effects. I've ported it to OpenGLES for some Pandora lovin'. Default keys: d-pad Left-Right / left nub / touchscreen - Moves the Paddle X /...
  2. paeryn

    Release Sdl-Ball

    After enjoying helping Sebt3 on porting Briquolo, I've beaten him to porting SDL-Ball (he mentioned it as a possible collaboration - I got carried away ;) Sorry.) Although it looks 2D, it uses opengl (and this version uses opengles). The font for the score is different and the background is...
  3. paeryn

    Full Version Of Vektar

    Great work on this version Craigix (and DZZ for the original). The only problem I have with it is the use of X to quit the game at any point. This is the button that's widely used in PS2 and XBox games for making selections (and fire), it's too easy to catch it especially since there doesn't...
  4. paeryn

    GP2X Usb Joystick Support In Sdl

    Hiya, could anyone with a USB Host cable and a joystick test my latest version of SDL please? The lib is here rename it libSDL.a when unpacked and copy it over to where it belongs (make a backup of your original first just incase!) I've put up a simple test program that just tells you how many...
  5. paeryn

    GP2X Hw Accelerated Sdl

    Was hoping to have this ready for xmas day but several typo's evaded my tired eyes... Source only, but it's based off the Open2x libs-gp2x project (Open2x). Initial suport for HW accelerated surfaces. Only 16-bit at the mo, but it seems to be working okay. Double-buffering works, RectFills are...