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  1. greendots

    Pandora Production Question

    I have a question too... What is the quality of the new shipping pandoras? Is there still a bend in the lid creating a gap when its closed?
  2. greendots

    Possible Port Of Flash?
  3. greendots

    Flash Plugin For Cortex A8

    Would someone mind posting the .so file with location of where to copy it? Or send a PM please? I would love to be able to listen to pandora at least until the DSP is working.
  4. greendots


    The cable looks built into the back of the unit... is there any way it will support other device's special ports. The only other method is bluetooth I guess? Is there a compartment to hide the cable or a nice way to tie it back when using bluetooth? (I've got a pandora so Im not really...
  5. greendots

    Netbooks Are Better

    Your seriously the first person to ever post this idea here b1ueskycomp1ex. Congrats
  6. greendots

    Any News On The 200 Craig Said Would Ship This Week

    Any ideas where we are in the queue for Craig's line? My spot in the 700s still seems a bit off.
  7. greendots

    Pandora 2.0?

    I've been thinking about the paint issue and looking at my pandora... I think it might also be the reason that the left side bows up (a larger gap on the left side then the right when closed.) If the hinge is on the right side, that could keep it more secure then the left. Instead of bowing up...
  8. greendots

    Usb Draining Battery Despite Charger?

    I think this would be normal, if the USB devices are using more power then can be supplied by the charger the battery would start to be drained (So long as it is within USB 2.0 spec.) If you had something using a lot of current like a hard drive I could definitely see this happening.
  9. greendots

    Valve's Source Engine Port For Pandora?

    With Enemy territory recently ported it may be possible to play The problem is the mod built on the ET sdk and compiled for x86. The TC:E guys have never released source code. Maybe if some one would ask nicely after ET is shown to work on pandora, they will let...
  10. greendots

    While Waiting... What Would You Like To See?

    Nice, makes me want to get a tv-out cable. When will they start to ship though?
  11. greendots

    Release Ginge

    I think an ideal solution would be something like: ginge becomes part of the firmware. Someone could make a simple gui to pack .gpe files as .pnd. That way it shows up like any other program. A script would be run inside the pnd with the line: "ginge --location /location/of/file.gpe --defaults...
  12. greendots

    Release Ginge

    Thanks a lot Notaz, I'm finally able to play cave story on my pandora :) I have some requests (one I posted previously in another thread): -Allow ginge to run .gpe files directly from command line. -Changing of key layout -Change scaling/stretch mode from the keyboard (maybe just one key that...
  13. greendots

    [Porting] Inspirational Software Catalogue

    They will appear as people who know how to port require these softwares. I'll try to compile spice+ on pandora sometime today though... Im interested in that as well.
  14. greendots


    Can some one get this guy to stop spamming the boards? 11 of his 27 posts are new topics...
  15. greendots

    Wolfenstein: Et Source Released

    Awesome Pickle... I can't wait to try this on pandora :)
  16. greendots

    Wolfenstein: Et Source Released

    But both are faster then what we have. After looking into ioq3, the n900 gets around 20-25 fps which is enough for single player but not enough for online multiplayer imo. Also RTCW (single and multiplayer) don't seem to compile out of the box so some one with more experience is needed :P
  17. greendots

    Wolfenstein: Et Source Released

    I would love RTCW on the pandora but I´m not sure it is possible. The game would hardly run on an Atom 1.6 GHz and intel gma950.
  18. greendots

    While Waiting... What Would You Like To See?

    Decent 1 / 2, powder, and some more of ginge would be great.
  19. greendots

    Overclocking And Overvolting

    The cpu should last longer with power management. We will be able to undervolt at the normal 500mhz and there will be an idling 0mhz mode with far lower voltage. That should make up for the lost life time when the chip is operating at 1ghz.
  20. greendots

    How About Instead Of Making Defective Threads

    I'm pretty sure they have their own check list.