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  1. Monkfish

    {PORT REQUEST} Grail

    Noticed this interesting browser game Grail (source code attached). Was wondering whether a Pandora specific port would be possible.
  2. Monkfish

    Hello again, did i miss anything?

    Hi peeps i'm back online FINALLY after eventually resolving some Hardware issues. I've been offline since July 2014 so its good to be back after such a long absence. Was wondering if i've missed anything important such as firmware updates or anything else cool while i've been away?
  3. Monkfish

    Japanese Pandora Boxes

    Remember a lil while back when ekianjo previewed the new Pandora packaging for the japanese market? and how he said that if enough people where interested he'd send them a japanese box full of various items, i was one of the people that expressed an interest in this and i remember having some...
  4. Monkfish

    Awesome Video Game Music

    Wanted to start a thread where all the best music from awesome games can be collected, i'll start the ball rolling with this - "Galvanic Gear" from the Megadrive/Genesis game M.U.S.H.A. (Aleste):
  5. Monkfish

    King of Fighters: Flames of Courage

    This is a great game and available on the old repo here:,0,0,0,40,290 Worked fine until the last firmware update, now none of the controls seem to work (cant even get off the title screen) perhaps its something simple that i'm overlooking...
  6. Monkfish

    Flesh Chasmer: The Eve

    This game is very interesting, runs fine until the point at which it first auto-saves, finds the SD card, attempts to save (theres plenty of space on there) but then the game crashes back to Mini-menu (i suspect a segfault). When i run the game again i must start from the beginning, obviously...
  7. Monkfish

    Falling Up

    This PND is really quite an interesting fun little game to play, but it crashes when the player dies (but not when the player quits the game).  NB: using 1Ghz unit, not sure if this fact makes any difference.
  8. Monkfish

    LED issues with Super Zaxxon 1.54

    I realise that i'm not the only one experiencing issues with the LED settings, but on my 1GHz unit i change the power LED setting to 0 for normal usage (because i'm looking at the screen and know my unit is on) and  8 in low-power mode, so that i can tell the unit is on when i have the lid...
  9. Monkfish

    Ginge Paradox??

    Recently i've been toying around with GINGE and found some really awesome GP2X & WIZ games to run on Pandora but when i look @ ED's youtube channel his video for GINGE emulation it shows him successfully running a game called Firewhip, i cant seem to get this to run i've tried both the WIZ &...
  10. Monkfish

    x2 Battery Situation

    Having recently recieved my 1Ghz unit, after giving it the recommended 10 hour charge everything seems fine and all is working well. My Issue is that as i traded in my batch 1 unit sometime ago (July i think) to reduce the cost of acquiring the 1Ghz, i now have a secondary battery that has not...
  11. Monkfish

    Calling all C&C fans...

    In 2007 EA released C&C3:Tiberium Wars for PC, which although it was a pretty good game seemed to lack the spark and atmosphere of Westwood's previous Tiberian Sun and Firestorm games and also took the cannon and storyline in a different (less good) direction as is shown by EA's subsequent C&C...
  12. Monkfish

    Best DOOMWADS for Pandora

    Hi, i'm interested to know if people have found any awesome WADS for use in cDoom or Cocoa-Doom that particularly suit Pandora based play or are just plain fun or challenging without being insane.
  13. Monkfish

    Native Theme Park port on Pandora?

    Hi, was wondering what the probability of a native port of Theme Park is on Pandora (as CorsixTH). I know it already runs on Qemu but it would be nice to have a straight Pandora version.
  14. Monkfish

    Lomax for Pandora

    Has anyone considered porting the Lemmings inspired platformer Lomax to Pandora, it doesnt seem to like running on modern PCs and appears to be abandonware these days
  15. Monkfish

    World of Goo

    Was wondering if anyone considered doing a native port of world of goo for those of us who dont wish to install android/already have the game and dont want to purchase it through the android app store?