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  1. VRAndy

    So, ... What's The Easiest Way To Install Stuff On Pandora?

    So, I've installed a couple of small things with opkg, and that works great for little things that I want on my Pandora at all times. What I'd like to know is, what's the easiest way to install packages from that repository onto the larger removable drives. Ideally I'd like something that...
  2. VRAndy

    Another Network Issue.

    I've got another network issue. My Pandora now works great when my access point is completely open, but obviously I don't want to leave it that way. Sadly it refuses to connect when I use WEP or WPA. I give it my "keychain" password or whatever, then I input my WEP (or WPA) key, and it sits...
  3. VRAndy

    Networking Issue.

    Ok, thanks for help getting the log-in to work. I reflashed and it works fine. ...Except, I can't get the network to work properly. I can connect to the access point... but then I can't do anything. So I bring up a command prompt, and try to ping my desktop. And I get "From
  4. VRAndy

    Can't Get Through Intro Gui

    I've gotten to the screen where it asks you to make a new log-in and password, and to name your pandora, and choose your shell ... and then ... nothing. It just sits there on that screen forever, or at least for the last ten minutes. This is the second time I've gone through this, the first...
  5. VRAndy

    What About The Boards?

    Before the latest cases were deemed unfit, there were plans for the first 1,000 to go out before Christmas? Allowing time for assembly, packaging, etc, the boards must be due by now? Are there photos of a thousand Pandora boards laying about waiting for cases? Any word?
  6. VRAndy Pandora Accessories?

    I pre-ordered my pandora from, (I'm in USA) and I had intended to come back later to buy a carrying case and contribute to the dev fund. I had sort of just assumed that those items would stick around on the online store, but obviously I was wrong. Is it too late to buy a carrying...
  7. VRAndy

    Command Line?

    Stupid question, but I can't see it answered anywhere. (I even checked the FAQ and the Wiki!) Will the default gui have a nice simple way to being up a console window? With a friendly bash prompt? I ask because I hope to keep the default configuration as much as possible and I'm happy with a...
  8. VRAndy

    Release Sugar?

    Does anyone have any idea how easy (or not) it would be to make Sugar work on Pandora? The more I think of it, It seems like it might be a good fit.