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  1. VRAndy

    "your Pandora Has Been Shipped"

    Welcome to the club!
  2. VRAndy

    Several Questions...

    Let's be absolutely clear here, It's certainly can't display 1080 lines on a screen that's only 480 lines tall.
  3. VRAndy

    Let Go Of My Pandora By Accident

    Hey! I remember that joke from the 80s!
  4. VRAndy

    Almost Dropped My Pandora

    I've read Encyclopedia Brown books! I know full well that anyone who misspeaks is GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!
  5. VRAndy

    Let Go Of My Pandora By Accident

    Did you install the patch?
  6. VRAndy

    While Waiting... What Would You Like To See?

    I keep hoping someone will port Neverball and Neverputt.
  7. VRAndy

    Looking For Port Covers

    Cupcake and reprap machines typically use fairly hard plastics, seems like this would be better off with soft rubber.
  8. VRAndy

    Pandora Intro Animation

    No, but I am often in a position where I am infuriated by inconsequential delays. My enjoyment of my entertainment products does not have to be logical. You mentioned the stop lights. Do pointless stop lights (when there's no crossing traffic) enhance or degrade your driving enjoyment...
  9. VRAndy

    Pandora Intro Animation

    Actually that is the SGI logo. Just upside down. But I felt it also worked in a discussion about whether the Pandora logo could be rendered in 3d. (Actually, Actually, the SGI logo was a 3d object. They were adamant on this point. So I guess it's not so much 'upside down' as from an...
  10. VRAndy

    Pandora Intro Animation

    I did read it, but since you mentioned "before the title screen" as a possibility, I figured I could still rant.
  11. VRAndy

    Pandora Intro Animation

    If you make me wait for it, it's vanity. Remember, this is a portable device, I want instant gratification here. At least put in a menu option to disable it. Or make it so you show me a bunch of logos the first time I play and then never again. I'd be fine with either. But if I have to...
  12. VRAndy

  13. VRAndy

    Pandora Intro Animation

    Grah! I can't imagine why anyone would intentionally slow down the load-up of a game unless they were forced to do so by lawyers and marketing departments. One of the great things about the opensource experience is that developers of non-commercial open-source projects don't cave to that sort...
  14. VRAndy

    Kung Fu Panda

    The lid would never close properly with the headband on!
  15. VRAndy


    This is the silliest idea ever. Besides being pointless and None-of-our-business, advertisements would just make the OP website look super unprofessional. You don't pre-order a computer from a company that's so poor they have to put advertising on their homepage.
  16. VRAndy

    Pandora + Sand :o

    Just for the halibut.
  17. VRAndy

    This Is Where Your Pandora Is At This Very Moment!

    It's not that magical. It's just rolling down a ramp. Lots of things will roll down a ramp if you give them a push first. This thing just happens to roll down at exactly the speed the conveyor is running at, so it never reaches the bottom. (Or someone off camera is subtly adjusting the speed...
  18. VRAndy

    This Is Where Your Pandora Is At This Very Moment!

    Who would buy a box of Slinkys from Amazon?
  19. VRAndy

    Are Your Sdhc/sdxc Cards Working Perfectly?

    I use two SD cards. They both work fine. Occasionally the desktop icon for the second one doesn't show up, even when the card is properly mounted.