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  1. paeryn

    Running scalers on DSP

    I've an idea that the Pollux could scale it's YUV layer (but not the RGB), the best info I can find now is that it supported either nearest-neighbour or bilinear. Knowing GPH the Wiz probably didn't have the functionality in the drivers and I can't seem to find any info on it's registers so I...
  2. paeryn

    Running scalers on DSP

    The GP2X did have a fine scaler but only for a YUV layer and I don't think I ever got around to supporting it, the RGB scaler was a basic coarse one. By the looks of if to change the scaling on notaz's you change the env_var SDL_OMAP_BORDER_CUT and/or SDL_OMAP_LAYER_SIZE and re-call...
  3. paeryn

    Release Cannonball - The Enhanced C++ Outrun Engine

    Nice work. A quick youtube link for you here - it's a little shaky because I had to hold the webcam with my knees.
  4. paeryn

    Release FreeSpace 2

    Nope, only ETC1 and PVRTC. I think the hardware may support S3TC, but it requires a licence and as far as I know no powervr opengles drivers support it.
  5. paeryn

    Warzone 2100 port

    Running it from minimenu doesn't make any (noticeable) difference. It appears fine in minimenu here. My attempts at getting a script to quit xfce and run a pnd didn't work, sorry.
  6. paeryn

    Warzone 2100 port

    I've not seen it happen since myself but I'll look into it (I haven't played much) - is there any specific time it happens? It's showing for me. Click on the world map icon, then on the i button. After showing the video (if you have them) the mission objective should be shown. I know I saw one...
  7. paeryn

    Warzone 2100 port

    Update: - Mouse cursor should now be forced to software coloured. I hadn't changed all the places where it could try to default back to a hardware cursor. Instead of what I wrote above about manually editing the config, you can do it from the "Options" menu. If the cursor isn't visible on the...
  8. paeryn

    Warzone 2100 port

    You'll need to edit the config file directly, sorry, I thought I'd set it as default.In pandora/appdata/wz2100/.warzone2100-2.3/ open the file config and change the line ColouredCursor=0 to ColouredCursor=1. The videos are distributed separately, you can get them from I thought...
  9. paeryn

    AArch64, or 64bit ARM

    I think they've done a good job with the instruction set. It's a shame to be loosing the predicated instruction set but I see their point about it not being worth the op-code space that it requires. I do find strange the naming of condition code 1111b as being NV, it's directly equivalent to...
  10. paeryn

    Pandora supporter group

    I got a mini metal pandora, I'd like the badge too please.
  11. paeryn

    Warzone 2100 port

    <slaps forehead with hand> Because it was 4am and I was tired. -_- We just need to set this when loading the lowest level of provided mipmaps (when j == mipmap_levels-1). Shadows are next on the list as they appear in the wrong place (looks like a scaling issue). Update: Finally...
  12. paeryn

    Warzone 2100 port

    I've solved the terrain texture problem (sort of). It's down to how it handles mipmaps for the terrain, for all other textures it uses gluBuildMipmaps to generate them but for the terrain it loads upto 4 different levels itself. This works on normal GL as you can choose how many levels you...
  13. paeryn

    Warzone 2100 port

    Hello Sebt3, sorry I've not been coding for ages, didn't help that virtualbox corrupted my dev image ages ago. This is just what I need to get back into it ;-) Hmm, I've built it with fontstash, there's definitely something going wrong drawing the fonts as the words "Main Menu" is being drawn...
  14. paeryn

    $1 Pandora.

    I got the paypal shipping email on the 22nd of December, still no delivery yet... Royal Fail better not have lost it! Edit: The postman woke me this morning - I'm letting him of since he brought my metal pandora (#56) :wub: Thanks Craig, I hope things go nice and smooth this year!
  15. paeryn

    Need help with setting up shaders on linux

    The only operations that are run on the gpu are the final vertexData * transformMatrix & lighting/texture (or anything you put in shader code for gles2). It's only when you submit verticies that the current transform matrix and other lighting, texture, etc. settings get sent to the gpu.
  16. paeryn

    Need help with setting up shaders on linux

    Rather than requiring whitespace at the end of your text files it's better to just allocate an extra byte for the buffer, that way it doesn't matter if your files have whitespace or not. C strings should always be allocated 1 byte longer than the length of text and null terminated.
  17. paeryn

    Upscalling a tilemap

    IIRC for pixel perfect 2d sprites (tiles) you need to adjust all the texture co-ords from (x,y) to ( (0.5/TexWidth)+(x/TexWidth), (0.5/TexHeight)+(y/TexHeight) ) where x & y are integers from 0,0 to (TexWidth-1),(TexHeight-1).
  18. paeryn

    Release Uplink port!

    Good work on quickly porting this - I had a look at the code and thought "lots of faffing around, I'll do it later." I hope they allow you to release it.
  19. paeryn

    Release VVVVVV for Pandora

    Ohh, having fun (most of the time) playing this... Just done the tower part. Pickle, I don't suppose you could add in an option to disable up/down triggering the flip - I lost count of the number of times I died in the tower due to unwanted flips. Thanks for porting it!
  20. paeryn

    Buying A Usb Otg

    These two look alright Not this one though - it's a micro connector, the Pandora uses a mini connector.